by Todd Ellner
October 31, 2016 Home Building


Building a custom home is a big commitment. It signifies that you’re ready to plant some roots and, more importantly, that you know what you need and understand the way you live. A new home should be a reflection of your lifestyle and of your plans for the future. Of course, the larger your family, the more differences that need to be considered. If you have children who are nearing college age, you may want to consider building a home with fewer bedrooms but with flexible space solutions to allow for this transition. On the other hand, a household with younger children should be designed to reflect the family’s values and goals for the long term. Whatever your needs, a quality builder with proven
knowledge and experience will be able to guide you through the process and help to translate your vision into a new home reality.

Building a bigger house doesn’t always equal luxury
Many people who are ready to build a custom home have been planning and saving for years. They have been collecting ideas and thinking about every possibility imaginable but many home builders will tell you that a bigger house doesn’t always mean a better house. The trend today, according to national home building surveys, indicates that homeowners are actually opting for fewer rooms but rooms that serve more than one function. The days of having a separate game room, entertainment room, and family room have made way for gathering spaces that are both flexible and inviting. A study or home office that can double as a guest room is preferable to having two different rooms,
one of which is seldom used. By designing wisely, homeowners can invest their resources into the spaces that they plan on using for years to come. That dream kitchen with the open plan family room and dining area will be a space that truly reflects your style.

Beware of passing trends

You have decided to build a custom home and intend to enjoy it for many years to come. With so many ideas out there, it’s easy to be swept up in the wave of trends and passing fads – but it’s not always easy to separate the things that won’t last from those that will add lasting value to your lives.

Before you include the world’s largest jetted bathtub in your design, ask yourself if you will really use this and if it’s something you really want to maintain and clean for the next ten or twenty years. Of course your lifestyle is bound to change but including too many extreme choices today can become the very features that you regret in a few years and may even be things that prevent your home from selling, if that time ever comes.

Investing the effort in finding an experienced, professional house builder will pay off with dividends in the future. The custom home building experience is exciting and careful planning is vital.Whether you already have a design in mind or not, working with an established company with proven experience can provide guidance and insights into the house building process that you may not have considered. Remember, their reputation depends on your satisfaction and they want your new house to be your home sweet home for years to come.

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