by Todd Ellner
October 31, 2016 Home Building


The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Space is the breath of art.” Perhaps he meant that our homes – the spaces in which we live – are creative reflections of who we are.

If you think this is true, then choosing a builder to plan, design and construct your new dream home on your terms will be a high priority decision. The question is, do you want a production homebuilder or a custom homebuilder to do the job?

Production with Limits

Generally, a production homebuilder builds multiple homes based on a finite selection of house plans and land locations. So, if you don’t have a specific design in mind, or you don’t already own land to build on, you may need to settle on a location and building design within the builder’s group of choices. Once you zero in on the style of house you’d like, you can customize things such as the exterior color or inside flooring and fixtures, but choices are usually within the options the builder provides.

Customized with Flexibility

If you’d rather be more involved in the building of your new home, perhaps a custom homebuilder is the better choice, especially if you already own land, or plan to buy a specific piece of property in a location of your choosing and/or want a one-of-kind design for your home.

Custom homebuilders have the flexibility to work closely with you. Some will work with your choice of architect. Many have their own team of designers, contractors and project managers . Working with a custom homebuilder can provide a more individualized experience similar to a partnership.

Both types of homebuilders should deliver quality craftsmanship and be willing to work within your budget. The ultimate choice is up to you.

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