by Todd Ellner
October 31, 2016 Home Renovation


Your new house is everything you wanted. It’s a beautifully designed, custom-built structure with large rooms of high-quality detail, such as crown moldings, coffered ceilings and fine wood finishes. However, it is still just a house until you fill it with your own personal style. That’s the fun part – and it can be a challenge in a large house.

Take, for example, the living room. It can be daunting to achieve a warm and natural living environment in such a large space, especially if your new living room is to be a family gathering space that would also be used for entertaining friends.

Start by dividing up the space. Perhaps one corner would be perfect as a reading area. Another spot could be where the family watches TV. Think in terms of functionality, and use furniture, area rugs, plants and accessories to divide up the room accordingly.

Some people think they should place furniture, such as sofas, against the walls. This does not work in a large space. You want to create cozy, sitting arrangements within the space of the room that will make it more comfortable for people, such as your guests, to talk with one another. Can you visualize how sitting too far from each other would not work? Instead, consider placing a sofa and loveseat at right angles with a couple of chairs facing them. Accessories such as side tables, lamps and plants add interest. Perhaps a long table behind the sofa with an arrangement of nick-knacks, pieces of art, photos and a vase of flowers would do the trick.

It’s just a start in creating balance and functionality for each room in your new house. Make it fun. This is, after all, your home.

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