by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Renovation
Whether you are a first-time homeowner or searching for a professional home renovation company to give your house a fresh and unique look, one thing is certain: you need an expert to handle your home renovation project.

Build the home of your dreams

Renovating or remodeling your home is always a big project with plenty of variables to consider. But when you leave it in good hands, you know you can rest assured the results will speak for themselves. The team at Gialluisi Custom Homes and Renovations can help you achieve just that.

In this video, Patrick Lardone of Gialluisi Homes talks about what a typical renovation project consists of.

What are the steps of a standard Gialluisi Custom Homes and Renovations project?

Gialluisi Custom Homes and Renovations make sure each step of the process is managed accordingly. ( tweet this )

  1. Meeting with team members as a part of your initial consultation: This is where our builders lay the foundation of your future home renovation and remodeling project.
  2. What does this process include? Everything from learning about what your needs and requirements are, to properly installing the products in your house, the team at Gialluisi Custom Homes and Renovations make sure each step of the process is managed accordingly.
  3. Choosing the right materials: After deciding upon the basic guidelines for your home remodeling project and taking into account every requirement, it’s time to think about the best materials to use. Are they going to suit the design of your home, are they going to provide the best security and most importantly, are they going to be resistant? Our team already has an answer to all of these.
  4. Installing your products according to the manufacturer’s specifications: The last part of our home remodeling project will allow our builders to create the qualitative finished project that you hired Gialluisi Custom Homes for in the first place.  

This is where the elite is – Gialluisi Custom Homes and Renovations is here to help you bring your home renovation project to life! Contact us at 908-206-4659 for a FREE consultation in the Westfield, New Jersey area.

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