by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Building

Have you ever thought about building your dream house? Home building is like a family adventure: you work together to create the perfect living space for all your family members. But…

Building your dream house can be a great experience

Here are a few pieces of advice we suggest to get you started on your home building project. These tips will help you turn your home building process into an enriching experience and overall into a better journey:

1. Set your goals

Building your own home requires you to set realistic goals and create the path to achieve those goals. Keep in mind that you have to plan for a home that is going to be both practical and beautiful.

2. Set your budget

Establishing your budget is one of the most important tasks when it comes to building your own home. Make sure you include all the details when you plan your budget: the land cost, taxes, design and building costs, furniture, decorating and even landscaping costs.

3. Find the perfect place to build your home

Pay extra attention when choosing the lot of land where you will build your home, because that will be your everyday view. Try to find a location that is close to schools, parks and shopping malls. If you are at walking distance from restaurants and movie theaters and you like going out, the location is even better. In short, build your house in a place that you love and that makes you feel at home.

4. Gather a team of contractors

This is the best approach to ensure that your home building process goes smoothly and easily. Your contractor will be the most important member of your team: he will be your guide and your counselor through the entire homebuilding process.

5. Get your plans in order

Know the importance of house plans : it is better to add an extra wall on paper than to add a wall after the house is already built. Explore all your possibilities, see what works and what not. After all, you are building your home: it is yours and you can dare to have great plans.

6. Details make the difference

Building your own home will require you to make a lot of decisions, a lot more than you can imagine. Make sure the details of your home are unique, a clear representation of your lifestyle.

Just like one of our customers Lisa Donofrio says, even if you dream about building your own home, once you see all the things that go into building it, you feel thankful that you have a team of professional home contractors to help you.

“I always thought that I wanted to build my own house, and now that I’m in a house and I see all that goes into it, I am so thankful that what was done was already done. Because I feel there are already so many decisions to make when you move into a house. Like, what couch to buy, what barstools. So it is nice to be in a house that I really like, and I almost feel like this is what I would have picked, but I didn’t have to make those hard decisions” – Paige Ropiak, Gialluisi homeowner.

7. Be prepared for the inevitable

Even if everything is set and the house plans are waiting to be turned into reality, the unexpected can happen anytime. The key is to stay calm, embrace every situation and try to get the best of every unexpected change. Speaking of which, it is always recommended to plan your budget with a little extra, precisely for these inevitable situations.

Building your own home requires a lot of hard work and effort, but in the end it all pays off. In the end you will be delighted to discover that your house is much more than the number of bedrooms and baths: it is the unique place you call home… and it is entirely yours.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we know that home equals family. Therefore we help you build your dream house, so you can make life-lasting family memories.

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