by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Tips

Extravagant, lavish ceilings should only be used in combination with majestic-like apartments and luxurious areas.

It’s true that ceilings are usually white and flat. And boring. But a great ceiling design can do wonders even for a small living room or apartment kitchen. When it comes to ceiling design, very few dare to go beyond the ordinary and experiment with all the design opportunities that lay ahead.

The truth is, ceilings can give a room a unique, individual character and offer every homeowner the possibility of revealing their personal style, through a design that will definitely be noticed!

Why make ceilings a central part of your home’s interior design?

Depending on the room, there are plenty of different ceiling designs you can choose from. There are three major considerations you should look out for when choosing the style of your ceiling: the amount of space you have available, the surrounding walls and the overall theme of the house.

From coffered ceilings, cove ceilings, to the ever-so-popular drop ceilings, the design inspirations are endless.

Why is the ceiling so important? It can radically change the entire look and atmosphere in a room. (tweet this)

Let’s dive into some of the most attractive and well-known ceiling designs you can choose from:

Coffered ceilings

Big, bold and beautiful! That’s the only way to sum up this stunning coffered ceiling design. An elegant option to any room of the house and the best way to leave a lasting impression with your future guests.

Here are more coffered ceilings by Gialluisi Custom Homes:




Coved ceilings

There is more to coved ceilings than just a retro look. You can experiment with the different styles and choose your favorite color and design to match your personality.

Here are more coved ceilings by Gialluisi Custom Homes:




Arched ceilings

The arched ceilings allow you to transform the look of your home into a real-life Mediterranean property. Or if you prefer a more traditional look, you can go for the barrel vault, which is the most popular and simple style of vault ceilings ( photo source )

Dropped ceilings

What makes the drop down ceiling design so popular is that it looks simple and intriguing at the same time. It represents the perfect combination of classic with a minimalist touch. (photo source )

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