by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Interior Design

Your bedroom is the place where you start your day and is is the place where you get to recharge your batteries.

So why not give your bedroom the remodeling it deserves?

Before you start tearing down walls and building new additions to your home, there are several things you should consider. Here are five bedroom remodeling ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn your dream bedroom design into reality

Here are five ideas that you should include in your bedroom transformation list:

1. Easy outdoor access

Nowadays, more and more people aim for a master bedroom at the ground level, with doors that open onto a private part of the garden. Imagine waking up on summer mornings and having morning coffee on your private patio.

2. Windows are important

Find a balance between light and dark. Tall windows allow the natural light to enter the space and create a warm atmosphere. You can consider adding rolling blinds to keep your bedroom if you love to sleep in on weekend mornings.

3. Create a sitting area

Design a small living room within your bedroom: add a comfortable couch and a coffee table. It will be the perfect place to read a book or have coffee in your personal space.


A coffee table and an armchair are all you need to design a wonderful reading corner

4. Add a fireplace

Integrate the fireplace in the design of your bedroom or turn it into the focal point. You can choose a traditional stone fireplace or you can choose a modern gas fireplace. Either one you choose, it will bring a beautiful touch to your bedroom.

5. Redesign the bedroom ceiling

If there is any place in your house where you will be looking at the ceiling, that is your bedroom. It is a subtle touch that will give a whole new look to your bedroom. Remember: details make the difference.


Combine the stone fireplace with a high ceiling for a majestic bedroom design effect

There are so many beautiful bedroom remodeling ideas that you can choose from. You just have to know exactly what you want to include in your new bedroom and put your imagination to work.

It is time to spoil yourself

When adding a new part to your home make sure you invest in a long-lasting structure. Create a modern design and add amenities such as a private master bathroom, just for you and your better half.

Gialluisi Custom Homes is ready to help you turn your bedroom remodeling project into reality. In a 1:1 meeting we will go with you through your bedroom addition plans and identify the best location for your new bedroom addition. Then our talented teams of designer and builder will help you create your dream bedroom.

Schedule a consultation

All initial consultations are free at Gialluisi Custom Homes. Schedule yours and let’s have a look at your bedroom addition plans.

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