by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Gialluisi Suppliers and Collaborators

Interior design is much more than aesthetics. It is about obtaining the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. With the right design even the smallest house can be spacious and functional.

Creative and hard-working, Giovanni Marquez is the passionate interior designer behind our custom homes. Whether we are talking about home building or home renovations, Giovanni’s signature style interior design solutions are visible in all our projects.

Meet Giovanni

“More than the cabinet guy, I am a space planner, a kitchen designer and an interior designer. That is what I have been doing for the past 25 years,” says Giovanni. As you listen to him talking about his work you know the interior designer standing in front of you lives, eats and breathes his passion.


Giovanni at his desk, always smiling, and always ready to put his creativity to work.

Giovanni is one of the best interior designers in Westfield, but he is also renowned nationally for his projects.

Giovanni graduated from the New York Design School and has 20 years of interior design experience in OrCad (a designing software). On top of this, his work is recommended by the top-notch trainings in architecture that he took, which enable him to know exactly how he can make the most of the available space in a home.

To Giovanni, “being an interior designer implies a lot of responsibilities,” he highlights, “because, after all, you are going to design the space that a family will call home. You have to think of the best ways to make use of the space and have in mind all the important details that will make it look good.”

Interior design meets home building

Giovanni remembers that his collaboration with Gialluisi began four years ago, after being recommended to Peter Gialluisi by people he knew in Westfield. Quality work attracts quality, therefore both Peter and Giovanni decided that working together is a great idea, and they have been collaborating ever since.


Giovanni and Patrick in one of the recently finished Gialluisi Custom Homes signature kitchens

Whenever he remembers how it all started, Giovanni says with a smile of his face, “Peter reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in having a meeting with them and price a new project. I priced the project, came out with a conception drawing and they hired me right away.”

Maximizing the available space while maintaining visual equilibrium

In working with Gialluisi Giovanni deals with space planning and configuration of the homes’ structures. He also has the capability of moving walls, suggesting new locations for the windows and for the doors, “allowing the integrated furniture to flow better in the space.”

If you live in one of our homes, or if you plan to move into one of our available homes for sale, you can be sure that Giovanni put all his experience and passion into designing the kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, window placement and all the other design details you have come to love.


Giovanni integrates modern accents in a classic, colonial style house.

“I don’t work, I just do what I love”

When asked about the most challenging project he ever completed with Gialluisi Custom Homes, Giovanni says that for him every day is a challenge. “People have big expectations and they make big investments,” he admits, “therefore the only way to meet their expectations is to be committed.”

And Giovanni’s commitment to his work is visible in all his projects. “I believe in what I do and I achieve my goals in every project that I complete.”


Giovanni Marquez has an eye for space organization, ensuring that he makes the most of the available bathroom layout.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping people build beautiful homes and make life-lasting memories with their families in a beautiful environment. “I love this opportunity to help intelligent, friendly, wonderful people,” highlights Giovanni when talking about his clients.


The cabinets and mirrors are often the focal points of Giovanni’s bathroom designs.

If Giovanni were to give you one piece of advice…

One: In terms of choosing the furniture for your home renovation project, Giovanni advises you to consult with a kitchen designer.

Two: Many customers tend to choose a low cost designer, but that happens only because they think short term. “What makes me feel bad is that people evaluate only their budget, not the quality of the work,” says Giovanni. When buying or renovating their home, you should think long term: years… a lifetime. Focus more on quality and less on price – even if this means you will have to push back some projects.

If you want to know more about Giovanni, feel free to visit his website.

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