by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Building

What does the ideal home renovation landscaping package include?

In the video presented below, Peter Gialluisi of Gialluisi Custom Homes talks about the standard features of our exterior landscaping package:

Gialluisi Custom Homes ensures you get the luxurious features that your landscaping needs without spending extra. ( tweet this )

A full home renovation landscaping package, without any additional costs or upgrades?


Peter Gialluisi detailing on the standard landscaping features offered by Gialluisi Custom Homes

The answer is simple: yes, Gialluisi Custom Homes ensures you get the luxurious features that your landscaping needs without spending extra. So what will you benefit from when you sign up with the Gialluisi team?

  • A full 2-car driveway: The spacious drive includes a black top as well as a belgian block curbing, beginning from the front of the house and all the way up to your actual home.
  • Fully-sodded front, rear and side yards: This is one of Gialluisi’s standard, unique features that brings value to any home. What does fully-sodded yard mean? Sod is actually the best way to cover the yard at any time of year because it is established from existing grass instead of seeds.
  • Underground sprinklers throughout the entire property: No need to install them yourself, the team at Gialluisi Custom Homes will get your of that yard hose in no time!
  • A front paver walkway: You are able to transform the look of your home by combining elements of both traditional and contemporary styles into one, unique and modern design.
  • A full landscaping of shrubbery:The shrubs are thickly planted all throughout and around your home for a more natural look.
  • A backyard paver patio: Depending on the type of your home, the Gialluisi paver patios have different sizes: starting from 20 by 15 to 18 by 15, you can choose the size that best fits your personal taste and need. What makes the Gialluisi paver patio the luxurious item that it is? The answer is the techo bloc material that is considered to be a very high end paver. The paver patios are excellent for entertainment purposes and ideal for those summer days when you simply want to lounge back and enjoy the setting sun in the comfort of your own backyard.

Walkways, spacious drive, fully turfed lawn, underground irrigation system, pavior patio area and more? Call Gialluisi Custom Home at 908-206-4659 and get the home renovation landscaping package of your dreams!


Front porch landscaping: the plants have just been installed. Now they are ready to grow into a beautiful front garden!

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