by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Renovation

What do you when things go out of hand and the home renovation process becomes more complicated than you planned?

Before you roll your sleeves up at get to work, there are a few things you should know regarding  home renovation  that will help you get through the process easier. The success of a home renovation lies in breaking down every step of the project first. This way you can keep an accurate evidence of cost, time frame, and foresee any extra work ahead of time.

Did you know: There are certain home renovation projects that you should never DIY.

Make your home renovation project smoother:

1. Avoid delaying decisions.

A successful remodeling project looks impeccable on paper: all the work is divided in small hunks and everyone knows their responsibilities before the project starts. For example, if you keep changing your mind about what faucet you should buy and order it too late, the plumbers might have to reschedule. Delaying even a small decision can turn a two weeks remodeling project into a five weeks one.


2. Try not to change your mind too often.

It seems difficult, but know this: everytime you change your mind about something it leads to changes in the initial plan, making the job more difficult for you and for the contractor’s team.

3. Avoid buying your own materials.

You are probably thinking this is the easiest way to save money, but is it really? It may be cheaper to buy your own materials, but think of it this way: your contractor knows the best material suppliers and they certainly can get a good deal for high quality materials that will last longer.

Tip: Make sure you choose the right contractor for your renovation project.

4. Keep an open mind.

If your kitchen walls are too old to sustain the new cabinets, you may need to rebuild. Why invest in something that may fall apart after a short period of time and cost you a lot more money on the long term? It is wiser to make a slightly larger investment now and save for the long run.

5. Set up a realistic budget.

This aspect is very important and we mention it quite often: when you set your budget keep in mind that additional costs may appear, so you have to be realistic about your home remodeling plans.

6. Stay within the house design.

In short, do not try to build an ultra modern kitchen if the rest of your house is colonial. Your house should have the same architectural style, so try to integrate your new design in your home’s personality.



Make sure you discuss all the aspects of your renovation with your contractor before any work starts and keep a positive attitude throughout the process. If you treat the project with care and attention, the end result is going to look great.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we work with the best designers and the best builders in Westfield, NJ. We are ready to help you bring your home renovation plans to life: in a 1:1 consultation we discuss your ideas and create a 3D rendering that allows you to see the end result.

Then we get the work done.

It is that simple.

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