by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Tips

As we are constantly evolving, so are our homes. We are in a continuous search for modern and luxurious touches in our living spaces, but at the same time we want you to be surrounded by comfort.

Homebuilders nowadays focus more on designing and  building homes  that combine, close to perfection, luxury, functionality and comfort.

The new year brings to the table some amazing home renovation trends and we can not wait to share them with you.

Home renovation trends for 2017

1.Tech-free living rooms

If you are thinking that 2017 is the year when technology and gadgets will take over your family room decoration, it is not the case. After a long day of standing in front of a computer at work, what better place is there to spend some face-to-face quality time with your family if not in a tech-free living room?

Get inspired:  living room remodeling ideas for a fabulous home.

2. Marble accents

Marble continues to be a major trend in home decor, and just like  hardwood floors , it never goes out of style. If you are looking to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication into your home, you can use marble floors, or kitchen and bathroom marble countertops.


Bonus tip: you can also add small marble design accessories such as marble candle holders.

3. Statement mirrors

If you have a medicine cabinet mirror, this is the year to let it go. Sure, they can be very helpful if we think of mirrors as storage spaces, but in 2017 this is not the case anymore. Modern bathrooms offer lots of counters and drawers suited for generous storage purposes.

Modern times ask for modern mirrors – just imagine how amazing your bathroom would look with a large, wood-framed mirror, or two side to side mirrors with modern details!

4. Fireplaces

One thing that makes fireplaces timeless is their adaptability. Sure, you can install a traditional fireplace (the wood and matches kind) in an ultra modern home. But electrical fireplaces are just as good, minus the mess. Thus, if you are living in an ultra modern home, you can enjoy a nice quiet evening by an electrical fireplace that looks amazing.

Tip: An electrical fire place spares you the need to clean up every time you light a fire.

5. Shades of blue

Choosing a blue color palette for your home decor is just as easy as decorating with neutrals . You can choose between hundreds of shades of blue, from warmer tones to colder ones. With the right combination, blue can provide an elegant and calm atmosphere in your home.



As a homeowner you can embrace new home design changes if they fit your lifestyle and personality. It is not a written rule that you have to renovate your house each time a new trend pops up – who wants to renovate every year anyway?

If you are going through a renovation project or building your home from scratch, make sure you add design features that will stand the test of time. The ones we mentioned above will be in style for years to come.

Keep in mind: always choose quality over quantity. (tweet)

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