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November 8, 2016 Tips

Having all the home remodeling details planned ahead can help you get through your home renovation project easier. But one of the most important things to address first and foremost is finding the right home contractor for your project.

The secret to a successful home renovation is to establish a good relationship with your contractor and stay involved in every step of the remodeling process.

Choosing a professional home contractor from Westfield, NJ


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Here are a few important tips to take into consideration when planning your home renovation project:

1. Choose the contractor you need.

Decide if you need a general contractor or a specialty contractor: the general contractor usually oversees projects and coordinates the subcontractors for the job, whereas a specialty contractor is usually hired per project (usually a single area of the house: kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations etc.)

2. Check references from at least three contractors.

Make sure the contractor you want to hire is licensed and insured. Ask for reviews from family, friends and neighbors. If they are satisfied with a contractor’s work, you can choose the same contractor for your home renovation project. There is no better advertising for a company than word of mouth recommendations.

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3. Write everything down.

It is very important to have a detailed contract where you can write down every little detail of your home renovation project. Starting with the list of materials and brands and finishing with the warranty and permit obligations, double check everything before you sign.

4. Agree on a payment plan.

Work on a payment schedule and ensure that the payment synchronizes with the work that has been done. In short, if only half of the work is done, you pay only half.

5. Schedule a final walk-through.

Double-check every detail of your contract and make sure that it spells out exactly what jobs will be done in the house. Any change in the project should be mentioned in the contract, along with the materials and costs it implies.

6. Set ground rules.

Discuss the working hours with your contractor and let them know your preferences regarding the work schedule. You should also tell them what bathroom they are allowed to use and whether they have to clean up at the end of the work day.

Key Takeaway

With over a decade of experience in home renovations, our team at Gialluisi Custom Homes is known as being one of the top notch home renovation companies in Westfield, NJ. The company has recently been included in The US Top 500 Remodeling List.

Our professional team of designers will help you create and review of your plans. A 3D rendering will allow you to visualize your remodeling project and apply changes before the project is finalized.

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