by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Maintenance

The HVAC system needs regular maintenance to ensure its efficiency and proper air quality in the home. Negligence can lead to a number of issues that will take up your time and resources.

Patrick Nardone, our Gialluisi expert, introduces you to the basics of HVAC maintenance:

But first things first…

The benefits of HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system needs regular maintenance in order to function properly and last longer without any major repairs. We suggest at least one annual maintenance as necessary. Performing a regular system maintenance insures:

  • Efficiency , which translates into less energy wasted and lower energy bills.
  • Air Quality and Less Allergens . Studies show that negligence in properly maintaining the HVAC system leads to allergens and debris buildup in the system and being transferred into the breathing air.
  • Less Repairs and Less Breakdowns , meaning a longer life expectancy of the system.

DIY HVAC maintenance

HVAC maintenance is a simple procedure that you can do at home. With just a bit of knowledge and a firm hand, you can clean the filters and restore the HVAC to its initial glory.

Here is how to do it:

  • Shut the system off;
  • Remove the filter cover;
  • Remove the filter and inspect it to make sure it’s clean; if not, you need to change it;
  • Put the filter back in;
  • Reinstall the air filter’s cover;
  • Turn the system back on.
Attention : It is not advised to clean the air filters or open up the HVAC if you do not have experience with it. In order to avoid system breakdowns (and further costs in repairs and revisions), we strongly advise contacting a professional company to deal with your HVAC maintenance.

Why check the filter regularly?

A clean air filter will allow the system to operate at its optimal performance and avoid future costly repairs . (Tweet this!)

You should consider changing the air filter regularly: as mentioned above, at least once a year. The general rule is the air filter needs changing when it’s filled with dirt or debris. That’s why checking it regularly is important.

Useful Tip : The air filter should be checked at the beginning of every new season, especially in early summer.  (Tweet this!)


The HVAC system needs regular checking to ensure its proper functionality and efficiency. It’s important to check the air filter at the start of every new season and replace it when necessary. Neglecting to regularly check your HVAC equipment could lead to unhealthy breathing air, system breakdowns, or higher energy bills.

Learn more about the importance of HVAC maintenance by contacting one of our expert colleagues today: call 908-206-4659 (FREE) or send us a message .

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