by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Tips

Westfield, NJ enjoys a strategic location on the outskirts of New York and provides the perfect environment for growing families. Offering reliable commuting services to and from big cities, Westfield is the quiet retreat you love to get back home to in the evening.

It has quiet neighborhoods for families and a vibrant downtown with an impressive cultural scene for entertainment.

Whether you feel like spending your weekend soaking the sun or at the beach, whether you want to go hiking with your friends or go shopping, Westfield provides a wide range of options for adults, parents, children, and teenagers.

Did you know: On Saturdays you can buy fresh products from local farmers at the Westfield train station.

What makes Westfield a great place to live in?


The 6.7 square-mile town with a population of approximately 30,800, is located about 25 miles south-west of New York. It is surprisingly beautiful and most importantly it provides access to the big cities – New York and Philadelphia.

Besides the fact that it is quiet and safe, the town has also a high quality of education and easy access to healthy food.

Did you know: Westfield High School was ranked No. 8 on the list of 100 public High Schools in the State.

Westfield’s downtown is a beautiful and interesting mix of modern shopping stores and old buildings with Art Deco letters on their marquees. In the summer, the jazz performances take over the city center.

Another thing that makes Westfield great is the recreational program for youngsters and adults: the town featured are nine parks and playing fields. In addition, there are also several tennis and football courts, baseball fields and places to jog and have picnics with your family.

Tip: On the non-stop train service you can get to New York in less than an hour.

Interesting facts about Westfield:

  • Westfield in located in New Jersey State, the state with most diners in the world – also known as the diner capital of the world.
  • It has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the U.S.
  • Westfield has full-service gas stations. This means you can sit in your car while someone is filling your gas tank.

Did you know: This service is available only in the states of New Jersey and Oregon.

  • Westfield is close to beaches, as well as to mountains and hiking trails. The state’s terrain is carefully packet together to exceed the convenience of people with lots of hobbies.

Why move to Westfield?

Westfield is the best place to raise your family because it provides a good environment, a good school system and access to healthy food from the local farmers.

But besides being perfect for families, Westfield is a town that appeals to all generations. It provides a wide range of activities, entertainment and it allows you to experience the busy life of New York anytime you like.

Looking for a home in Westfield?

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