by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Renovation

The bathroom is the place in your home where you start and finish your day. It is the quiet room where you have time to think and make decisions.

Even though bathroom renovation may be more costly than renovations of other rooms, think for a second that you are not investing in something you use every once in a while. After all, there is a reason why they say bathrooms and kitchens are the sellers of a home.

Give your bathroom a luxurious look

Make your bathroom time even more enjoyable. The following ideas can help you give your bathroom a modern and luxurious feeling:

The lighting plan.

Change the style and the mood of the bathroom by adding chandeliers or pendant lights. You should also take into consideration accent lights. They can spotlight an architectural feature or a statement piece in your bathroom.


The lighting in this bathroom creates a warm atmosphere

The tub.

Bathtubs are considered a focal point in the master bathroom. They have great impact on the bathroom decor. You can choose a freestanding bathtub placed in the middle of the bathroom or you can go for a classic bathtub, near the wall.

Take into account the space you have and whether or not you are going to actually use the bathtub. Sometimes, you may find that you can save a lot of space just by giving up the tub – an interesting idea.


A classic placement for the tub: near the wall


Add a spa-like experience in your home bathroom. You can choose from a variety of ceiling mounted rain showers and crisscross body sprays for massages.



White tiles for the shower


Besides the fact that they should be beautiful, bathroom floors also have to be impervious to water and slip-resistant. Stone tiles and ceramic style floors are known to give the most luxurious feel to a bathroom.


White elegant floors


Details are very important. Take, for example, underfloor heating. Stepping on the warm tiles after taking a shower feels great. Another idea is to put a television or a sound system in the bathroom. Your bathroom could become so comfortable, you may find it difficult to leave.


Colors are powerful. They can calm you down or they can give you a boost of energy. Consider what mood you want your bathroom to instill. Keep in mind that not only the walls are part of your bathroom color palette: so is the tile, the cabinetry and every small detail.


There is not a standard model for what a luxurious bathroom should look like.

If you decide to give your bathroom a remodel, take into consideration different ideas and adapt them to your own personal style. (tweet this)

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