by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Renovation

How do you manage to maintain balance in your life when the walls in your home fall apart and dust seems to take over your existence?

High expectations, crossing the line with the budget and noises that sound like the Cerberus from Ancient Greece is back to life are just a few factors that can make you feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Home renovations are messy: here is your 101 survival guide on how to make it through the renovation process.


5 ways to maintain balance in your life during home renovation

Here are five tips that will help you make the best of your home renovation project and maintain a positive attitude:

1. Hire a good contractor.

The best way to find a reliable contractor is to ask your family, friends and neighbours. See if they are happy with the work of a certain contractor and hire the same one if you feel they are trustworthy.

Did you know…? You can also find high quality home contractors if you search for them online. A simple search for “Home contractors in Westfield, NJ” will give you thousands of results in Google. To identify the most trusted ones, look at the number of online reviews they have and see what people are saying about them.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes, our home renovation contractors in Westfield, NJ, maintain an impeccable 5 star customer satisfaction rate, and this is seen both in our company’s online reviews, as well as in the feedback and recommendations we get live from our clients.



2. Set realistic goals.

In short, work with what you have: the space, the budget, the ideas. Make the best of your home renovation and dare to say what you want. Know that it is impossible to have a bigger kitchen even if the space does not allow it, but you can make a small kitchen look large if you choose the right interior design solutions.

3. Be creative

What if you can not use the kitchen to cook during the renovations? It is time to get creative: depending on how long the renovation process takes, you are faced with various options. Kids will be thrilled to have a barbecue dinner, while your better half will truly appreciate the romance of a restaurant dinner. While you may not be able to eat out every day, it is good to let your hair back every few days and forget about the hustle and bustle at home.

4. Keep a positive attitude

Try to see the best in every situation: even if your contractor will take care of basic post-renovation cleanup, you can always hire a cleaning crew to take care of this aspect while you enjoy your newly renovated home.

Tip: If you are only renovating a part of your home, make sure you agree with your contractor about the importance of sealing the working area in order to avoid dust spreading everywhere.

Final thoughts

Renovations are usually messy and require time, but this is all part of the process. The best way to get through a home renovation is to make the best of the situation and adapt.

With over 12 years of home remodeling experience, Gialluisi Custom Homes is ready to revolutionize your home renovation and assist you during every step of the project.

It all starts with a 1:1 meeting where we talk about your plans and get a better understanding of your vision. Whether it is your kitchen, your bathroom, your livingroom or even your entire house, our talented designers and builders are here to help you bring your dream renovation project to life.
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