by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Building

Today we invite you to meet Gil Engelke, the dedicated professional who manages all the plumbing systems in all Gialluisi Custom Homes, ensuring it meets all the standard requirements. Gil has been in the industry for about 21 years and started his own company, Triton Plumbing, 15 years ago.

When we first started our collaboration with Triton Plumbing, we were impressed with the team’s dedication for their work: every plumbing system was completed on time, on budget, and with extreme attention to details. This is how, years later, our customers are very satisfied with the plumbing system in all Gialluisi Custom Homes properties.

About Triton Plumbing


Gil joined the industry for the simple reason that he wanted to go in a trade, so he choose plumbing. What attracted him to the field was its intricacy: a lot of people can do plumbing, but his desire was to bring the service to the next level.

The company’s collaboration with Gialluisi Custom Homes began a few years ago and we have been working together ever since. “As soon as we met, Peter and I realized that we could do amazing business together,” explains Gil. He believes that all projects are challenging and he always makes sure that all of them are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

“It is always easy to do business and deal with people that you really get along with, and we all get along very well,” says Gill when asked about his collaboration with Gialluisi Custom Homes. “If you want to be successful in the construction industry, you have to be willing to go the extra mile: hire exceptional people, listen to your clients’ needs and desires, and be ready to meet and exceed their expectations in every way,” he adds. “And I really think this is what Triton Plumbing and Gialluisi Custom Homes are doing.”

Triton Plumbing’s main goal is to provide the best service for plumbing in all projects they undertake. The company, through Gil, offers services in home building, as well as home renovations. “We take care of all stages of plumbing: service, remodeling, home services, construction,” highlights Gil, who believes that the value add he brings to his customers is his company’s transparent communication process, his flexibility of work, as well as his availability to meet with clients and listen to their needs.

Addressing clients’ fears – a challenge Triton Plumbing is up to

One of the main assets of Triton Plumbing is the team’s willingness to work directly with clients, as well as through contractors. “If it is a service, it is generally about broken fixtures or broken plumbing,” says Gil.


“On the other side, when it comes to working with Gialluisi, our focus is getting projects done as quickly as possible. We can meet with the clients if they want to talk to us and reassure them that the plumbing system in their home will meet top standards. I like to think that I speak a language my customers understand – even though the plumbing jargon may sometimes include industry-related expressions, I try to make everything as clear as possible for the client. I think it is important to let clients know that the work will be done professionally, on time and on budget.”

In the homebuilding process of a Gialluisi home, Triton Plumbing comes into scene immediately after the home framing is complete. After this phase, “we come back to work on the home once all the tiles, countertops and cabinets are set. This is when we install all the fixtures,” explains Gil.

Did you know? In order to install all the fixtures and to do all the plumbing work, Triton Plumbing needs about a week and half, plus extra two days to do all the finishes.


Before purchasing a home: practical advice from Triton Plumbing

“When it comes to purchasing a new home, usually there are no hidden plumbing faults you should pay attention to. But when it comes to buying a home from someone, pay attention to the fixtures that are being provided, and the way everything looks and feels,” says Gil. According to him, choosing the right fixtures is a matter of personal choice, because as people are different, their choices are different.

Triton tip: Another thing you can do when buying a home from someone is to make sure that the plumbing work was done with permits and everything is up to code.

Important: When renovating your bathroom or your kitchen, it is important to make sure that all the infrastructure and the piping behind the wall are done correctly. “You have to pay as much attention to the plumbing behind the wall as you are in front of the wall,” says Gil.

If Gil was to give you one piece of advice…

…He would want you to “make sure that you have a great relationship with your contractor.”

Once you set a good relationship with your contractor, all the other aspects of your home building project will run smoothly and easily.

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