by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Interior Design

One of the main reasons homeowners love the open space is because it creates the illusion of spacious homes.

Somehow, open space plans bring the family together. Decades ago, every room was built to have its own functionality. For example, you could only watch TV in the living room or you could only eat in the dining room.

Things have changed a bit and now while the kids are playing in the living room, the parents are cooking dinner or catching up with the news. Living in an open space home, it is easier to connect with your family after you spend all day at work.

The benefits of open floor plans

Open spaces create a more social environment. They encourage natural light to “flood” the house and create a visual link between the indoor space with the outdoor, which is a great feature.

  1. More family (and friends) time – if you are cooking or washing the dishes you can still hear all the jokes and be a part of the conversation
  2. Increase views and natural light – think about it: if you remove some extra walls, all the light from the other windows comes into the same space
  3. Allows you to supervise the kids – that way you don’t have to worry about them because they are right there
  4. Maintain design continuity – you can personalize each area but at the same time keep the space linked

Most Gialluisi Homes include an open plan: kitchens communicate with living rooms and dining areas in a great flow of shapes and colors:





Keep in mind:

When you start planning for an open space think about all the functional spaces you will need. You will need travel paths from kitchen to the dining area – think about how the furniture will be placed. Make sure it leaves enough space; it shouldn’t be too crowded.

Useful tip : Use rugs to demarcate the spaces. This is a simple yet smart solution. You can choose different rug patterns for every area of the house.

Another smart way to create distinction in an open space is to build a slightly raised floor.

Why choose an open floor plan?

The main reason of choosing an open plan is the warm atmosphere it provides. Combining small spaces into one is the perfect method to encourage family time. Plus, the design options are endless!

Open floor plans create the feeling of more space in the house. You can personalize each area and give a personal touch and at the same time you get to keep the design continuity. And let’s not forget about all the natural light that you will have throughout the day!

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