by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Building

Your new house project is on its way. You want everything to be perfect, from the framing to the front door entrance, but it all takes time and effort.

Whether you are in the process of rebuilding or remodeling the property you currently own, you can’t miss the first step of the game – demolition.

Is demolition as easy as it may seem?

As exciting and speedy as it may appear, demolition requires more than just tearing down a building and getting rid of the unnecessary materials afterwards. In order to complete a full demolition, you need to be mindful of some specific details such as the length and size of your home, the model of your house or even your next door neighbours. Yes, that should also be on your list of considerations.

Depending on the model of your home, the process can take from one or two days to an entire week. Each process is unique and requires a clear strategy to begin with. Having a professional team of workers handling your home demolition process will not only help you save precious amount of time during the operation, but they will also make sure there will be no financial repercussions later.

Guidelines to a proper demolition process

When embarking on a new home demolition process, make sure you do it the right way. Your neighbours will thank you for it! Most importantly, don’t try to do it yourself. An experienced crew of workers knows what should stay and what needs to go away. Here are some general tips to help you achieve the perfect demolition process:
If the hardwood floors are intended to remain, make sure they are papered and taped to the edge of the floor.

  • Don’t worry about the floors if they are carpeted or are going to be replaced.
  • Something to think about: are any of the trim/baseboards worth saving?
  • If you encounter ducts covered in asbestos, make sure you remove lathe over ductwork slowly and carefully.

Attention! Beware of asbestos procedures. The sanctions for violating them are serious and could cost the outcome of your entire home project. Because the requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another, it’s best to get informed ahead of time.
What about the neighbors? What will they have to say about all the fuss surrounding your home demolition process?

The best way to go about this: be sure to talk to them before the demolition process starts. Sure, there will be some noise and a bit of mess around, but you have to let them know this is only a temporary situation and the crew is doing the best they can to avoid all unnecessary disturbance.

Another thing to make sure you check off of your list: the permits. You neighbours will surely notice the 20 yard dumpster sitting in your driveway, as well as the building inspector. So make sure you follow the rules and get all the legal documentation that is needed.
Do you need help with your home demolition process? Our experts are ready to assist you! Get in touch with one of our representatives or make sure you call us at 908-206-4659.

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