by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Tips

Planning to sell? There are a few home renovation tricks you can implement to get a better price on your property. And don’t worry about investing too much time and financial resources in it.

Home renovations for properties for sale are usually quick fixes. The only trick is to ensure that, even though the renovations are “quick”, they will last a lifetime.

Home renovations vs. home staging

When you think about selling your house you aim for the best price. But you’re not going to obtain a good deal on the property if the windows don’t open or if the kitchen tile is missing.

Renovating a house for sale implies investing money in a property that you are about to sell. So how much should you spend? You definitely don’t want the house to look cheap, or feel cheap.

A quick solution to impress a potential buyer is to stage the house for sale. The real estate agents will bring in all the pretty furniture and accessories. But this won’t hide the poor wall paint job, broken tiles, or malfunctioning windows.

But if you renovate your house and invest wisely before selling, it could be the best choice you ever made: not only will you be leaving behind a high quality product (the house), but you may also get a substantially better deal on the selling price.
Home renovations: What should you pay attention to?

We thought of a few things you should have in mind if you are thinking of renovating before selling:

  • Don’t spend more money than you can recoup. Even if it seems obvious that you should not to that, many people invest huge amounts of money that they will never see again.
  • What sells the house? If you want to make a big renovation investment, renew the kitchen and the bathrooms. These are two strong selling points for a house.
  • Repair things. Buying new hardwood floors can be very expensive. But borrowing a floor sander and sanding the old floors could cost you half.
  • Focus on appearance. It may sound a little weird, but it may be ok to invest 700$ in buying new paint rather than replacing the old heater. You can’t convince the buyer that the house looks good if it doesn’t.
  • Pay attention to details. Adding a fresh and modern look to your home could make it easier for you to sell it. Bring your house to life with the help of the little details: ceilings, quality carpet, even a fully-equipped basement can make a noticeable difference.

Just remember…

Selling your house can be difficult. Maybe it’s the house you grew up in. Or maybe you lived just a few years there, but they were the best years you’ve had so far.

It’s important to know that in order to get a good price on your home, you have to put in a little time and effort.

You don’t want to invest more money into a house you want to sell and not recoup your investment. (tweet this)

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