by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Maintenance

Knowing where your water supply valves are and how to open and close the water supply is very important. Especially in the summertime, when you want to leave your house safely, before going on vacation.

Patrick Nardone, our Gialluisi expert, gives us some tips about the water supply our home:

How to find the water supply valves?

In the water main closet inside the house there are two shut off valves that correspond to the exterior. The main valve controls all the main water flow in the house. The other two are for the exterior: one corresponds to your sprinkler system and one to your outdoor spigot.

There’s also an extended valve called “the freeze valve”. Once you shut the system down, the water that remains inside the spigot itself will not cause any internal problems or and will prevent the pipes to freeze.

How to shut off the water supply?

It’s very simple to shut off the valves down inside your water closet. In the basement there are three valves, each marked clearly to let you know which valve corresponds to which location:

  • One is the main valve, which feeds the whole house.
  • The other one is for your sprinkler system.
  • And the third is for your exterior spigot.

Depending on which water supply you want shut off, you close the corresponding valve.

When you should turn off the water supply?

The water supply for your exterior (sprinkler system and exterior spigot) needs to be opened and closed periodically, depending on the seasons. It’s best to leave it open in the spring and to close it in the winter.

When it comes to your main water supply for the house, it’s best to shut it off whenever you are leaving your home for an extended period of time.

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