by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Gialluisi Suppliers and Collaborators

In the home building industry, knowledge and experience are achieved in time. But when you are familiar with home building from a young age, quality comes naturally.

Sitescapes Mason Contractors is a young masonry company in Westfield, NJ, but its founder’s experience goes back more than a decade. Jeff Gabriel, its founder, has over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry and in just a few years he managed to bring the company on the verge of success through hard work, dedication, and passion.

Sitescapes Mason Contractors have been the official masons of Gialluisi Custom Homes for years now. That being said, we invite you to have a glimpse into our work together and see what makes this collaboration amazing.

About Sitescapes Mason Contractors


The pillars on which Sitescapes Mason Contractors is founded are quality and tradition. Jeff grew up surrounded by a family of home contractors who passed on the job’s secrets, as well as their passion for construction. For him, putting the basis of a masonry company and working in the home building industry was the natural thing to do.

Even though it was founded only a few years ago, the company already has multiple crews out in the field on any given day.

“We do concrete, we foundations and we do stone work,” explains Jeff when asked to describe the company’s activity.

Performing masonry work for Gialluisi Custom Homes

“I have known Peter for quite some time,” says Jeff as he recollects how he began collaborating with Gialluisi. “We became friends and he asked me to start working for him.”

He remembers that he did not have to think it through when Peter asked him to do the masonry work on the Gialluisi homes. “We started with one house, then we did another one and we ended up doing all the masonry work,” he says. “I love working with Peter, and I know he sees the quality in my work. So it is a win-win for both of us, but it’s a win especially for our clients, who are being offered a first-class product.”


Pouring the foundation of a home addition as part of a home renovation project in Westfield.

When asked about Sitescapes Mason Contractors’ role in the renovation and addition projects by Gialluisi, Jeff explains: “Gialluisi seems to be getting more and more involved in this type of projects, and as they are diversifying, so are we.”

Sitescapes Mason Contractors is an important part in every home building or home renovation project by Gialluisi. Whether they are doing the foundation or tearing a house down and rebuilding it, “we do whatever the work asks,” emphasizes Jeff.

As our client, you may not meet with Jeff in person, as he and Peter Gialluisi manage the work in backstage. However, Jeff highlights that the Sitescapes Mason Contractors team will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable about the masonry work they undertake.

Therefore, if you happen to have any particular questions about their work, Jeff is always more than happy to assist you. “I have no problem showing test work or references or making clients feel at ease,” adds Jeff.

“We really care about our masonry work, and it shows”

Jeff is a lifelong Westfield resident who knows the city like the back of his palm. “I am a Westfield resident and I have been one my whole life,” he adds. He is proud to contribute to making the city’s residential area a more beautiful place through his masonry services.

Sitescapes Mason Contractors is located in Westfield. The company is known for its professionalism, and its dedicated and devoted team members put passion in every project they undertake. For this team, “there is no project too big or too small.”


A home addition project where Sitescapes Mason Contractors were involved on the masonry part.

What makes Sitescape Mason Contractors unique? The company stands apart in the Westfield market through its holistic approach to masonry. “We do not subcontract any of our work, our masons complete all the projects we take,” says Jeff. As a Gialluisi customer, you therefore have the warranty that you are getting a high quality work that is attentively supervised by Jeff and his team – without the involvement of third party contractors.

If Jeff were to give you an advice on home building and renovation…

…he would advise you to, “put a lot of thought into what you are doing, choose the right builder and the right architect.”

Building your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever have to make, and renovating it is possibly the second biggest investment. So you want to make sure you invest wisely and most importantly, choose quality services and materials that will last a lifetime.

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