by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Renovation

The kitchen is the place in your home where the family gathers to cook, eat, laugh and spend time together. But when the space is limited, it takes knowledge and smart planning to create a functional and, at the same time, beautiful kitchen design suited for the entire family.

Here are a few ideas that will help you turn your small kitchen into a delightful space, perfect for cooking and spending time with your family.

Make the most of your space

1. Open up the space.

Overhead cabinets placed in a small kitchen can make it feel claustrophobic, therefore you should avoid using them in your kitchen design. Storage space is important, but there are a few alternatives that can help you replace overhead cabinets: pot racks, shelves, spice holders or magnetic knife strip.


Take inspiration from large kitchens: for example, white cabinets give the impression of space.

2. Mix up materials.

When designing a small kitchen you have to pay extra attention to all the details. Choose countertop surfaces carefully, as well as the cabinetry, tiles, lighting. In short, everything has to match and be completely functional.



Organize your space smartly: add a kitchen island only if the space allows it.


3. Use glass.

The easiest way to make a small space look bigger is to incorporate glass, which allows you to see through objects. As for a small kitchen, you can try to use a glass tabletop, a glass countertop or glass cabinet doors. They can prove difficult to clean, though, so balance your options with care.


Replace the kitchen island with a table for four (or two) and keep the same level of luxury as in a big, spacious kitchen.

Tip: You can visually expand your kitchen by using glass doors and thus have the kitchen communicate with the room next to it.

4. Light it properly.

Like any other room, your kitchen needs to have the perfect combination of task and mood lighting. Take into consideration pendant lights above the eating area to create a cozy atmosphere, or add ceiling spotlights to create smart shadowing of the space.


Not enough natural light? Add lots of lights and ceiling spotlights, use white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

5. Use colors.

The colors you choose can completely change your impression of the size of your kitchen. You have to pay attention not only to the walls’ color palette, but also to the counters, appliances and even dishtowels. Every single object in your kitchen contributes to creating a pleasant, balanced design.


Spacious kitchens can get a luxurious appeal: use a light color for cabinets and add elegant accents with perfectly picked accessories in different colors.

Key Takeaway

It is not a general rule that a kitchen has to be large in order to be beautiful. You can have all the features of a big kitchen incorporated in a small kitchen design. You just have to think smart and know exactly what you want.

With over 12 years of experience, Gialluisi Custom Homes understands the concept of a beautiful and functional kitchen, where families can spend precious time together. Our goal is to create an intelligent design that exceeds your expectations and turns your dream kitchen into reality.

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