by Todd Ellner
November 8, 2016 Home Building

When it comes to completely renovating a house, hiring a contractor makes more sense than trying to do it yourself.

However, working with the wrong person can cause a lot of problems, from small errors to major legal problems. This is why it is important to carefully choose the professionals who will take over your home renovation project.

What can a contractor do better than you?

You may have certain knowledge about building or remodeling a house. Painting the walls or building a fence doesn’t necessarily ask for you to hire a contractor.

However, even apparently simple tasks such as painting the walls can put you to the test. Think about the time it takes to repaint a room; plus, if there are any uneven surfaces in the walls, you will have to even them out before you apply even the first coat of paint. Additional problems may occur, such as missing spots or unwillingly painting over furniture or baseboards.

But when we refer to building a home from scratch or adding another wall to your existing house, things become even more serious. In this case, a contractor’s experience is crucial. It takes industry knowledge and project management skills in order to conduct a home building project.

Tip: Ask opinions from at least three clients that have worked with your contractor. See if they are happy with their choice. (tweet this)

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When hiring a contractor, you should:

Trust your instincts.

One important thing you should have in mind: the contractor you choose will be around your home and your family for weeks. So if you don’t like a contractor for whatever reason, don’t hire them. It’s important to trust your contractor 100%, not just 98%.

Make sure the contractor has a licence and an insurance policy.

This will demonstrate the contractor’s credibility. If you want to be sure of their services, ask the contractor for their licence number. As for the insurance, make sure they have it too. This way, if a worker gets hurt on your project, you will not be liable.

Have a detailed home renovation contract.

It’s important to agree on every detail with your contractor, before any work begins. The contract should contain all the costs, approximate start and finish dates of the project and the brands of items that will be installed. A building contract can never be too detailed.

Find details about who is going to work on your home renovation project.

It’s good to know how many people will show up at your door on the first day of work. Job additions like kitchen remodels may require subcontractors. Therefore, ask your contractor if they are going to do all the work alone or if they are going to use subcontractors.

Settle for a work schedule.

Before any work begins, settle a work program with your contractor. If you want the workers to show up at 10 AM and leave at 4 PM or you don’t want them to use your bathroom, you should let the contractor know.

Know you have responsibilities too.

If a room is about to be painted, you may have to move everything out. Some contractors don’t want to be responsible for breaking the furniture if it needs to be moved from one room to another. Therefore, ask about this ahead of time, so you will know if you need to contact someone else for this task.

See work samples.

Seeing samples of a contractor’s work is more important than hearing references. This way you can check their work quality and creativity by seeing the designs they came up with.

Consider choosing a local contractor.

Look for a contractor who has done work in your community. If he/she is still around, it means the quality of the work is good. Another reason why you should pick a local contractor: if any problems appear, they will be fixed in no-time if the contractor and the working team are somewhere around your area.

One final thought

It’s important to remember that building a house is a major investment of time and money.

Hiring the wrong contractor for your project could slow down the building process and add unpredicted costs to you initial evaluation. And you don’t want to waste money on mistakes that can be avoided.

Gialluisi Custom Homes has over 24 years of experience in homebuilding and renovation. In our collaborations with homeowners, we always managed to reach and even surpass clients’ expectations.

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