by Todd Ellner
November 9, 2016 Gialluisi Suppliers and Collaborators

After setting the foundation, the next important step in building a home is the framing process, followed by installing the windows and the doors. Huston Lumber ensures that all Gialluisi homes are framed on time using only the finest materials.

We invite you to learn more about Huston Lumber and the lumber supplies we use in every home building or home renovation  project.

About Huston Lumber & Supply




With 15 years of homebuilding experience, Phil Ries is the professional who manages the sales for Huston Lumber. Phil grew up working with custom builders and, as he says, “it was natural to be involved in lumber and window sales.”

Huston Lumber supplies Gialluisi Custom Homes with all the framing lumber that is necessary to frame a home. The company also provides the windows, the interior doors and the trims for all our home building projects.

A smooth collaboration focused around saving the homeowners’ time

Huston Lumbers’ collaboration with Gialluisi began five years ago. Phil remembers that, one day as he was driving through Westfield  he saw a Gialluisi home being built. “I stopped on the job site and talked to Peter Gialluisi,” he says, “and we have been working together ever since.”

When he talks about the collaboration between Gialluisi and Huston Lumbers, Phil highlights that, “it is a team effort when you are working with Gialluisi Custom Homes.”

  • It all starts with Peter Gialluisi, who provides Phil with all the lumber requirements for a new home.
  • Then Patrick Nardone follows up with details about delivery and quantity.
  • Now Phil knows exactly what to deliver, when to deliver it, and how much to deliver.


The process is smooth every time thanks to the transparent communication between the two companies. Therefore, by communicating directly with the lumber supplier, Peter avoids involving you, the homeowner, in this process, which would otherwise be stressful and time consuming for you.

As Phil explains, there is no need to waste your time on lumber quantity and delivery – which is why the Peter-Patrick-Phil trio works so well.

Phil admits that the home building process is not challenging thanks to the solid structure and organization behind Gialluisi. “They give me all the information I need,” Phil explains, “they give me all the tools I need to be successful and deliver the products to them.”

Huston Lumber is not involved directly in the homebuilding process, but the company’s role is crucial: they supply a high quality lumber material, doors and windows, so the builders can work on the house framing and finish the project on time.

How to choose the best lumber materials for home framing

Phil shared a few of his secret tips on choosing the best lumber materials for a home. According to him, there are three main aspects you have to look at:
1. Softwood or hardwood lumber? It depends on the project.

  • Always choose hardwood lumber that comes from oak, maple, walnut, hickory and mahogany for floors, furniture construction or cabinetry.
  • For home framing, the best material is softwood light structural lumber that comes from spruce, fir and pine. It is commonly used in residential construction.
  • There is another type of softwood lumber used in home construction known as heavy timber. This is usually required for post-and-beam construction and usually comes in over 4.5” dimension


2. Framing with lumber is advantageous because it doesn’t undergo much transformation during processing, it is a renewable resource and it has low embodied energy. There are numerous types of framing lumber as well as additional materials such as engineered wood and interior finishing wood. If you want to know what each is used for, it is recommended to talk to a professional.

3. Everything you need to know about framing lumber is printed on the product’s grade stamp, which indicates the lumber grade, certification, species, and moisture content.


“Supplying lumber is more than just selling windows and framing material,” says Phil. “You can get involved in the early stages of planning, come up with suggestions on the building’s structure and window placements. Finding the right place for the windows is a little more complicated than is sounds.”

Selling lumber is the easy part for Phil. What he focuses on is adding value to his work, which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. But Phil is the professional who knows how to deliver beyond just quality products, putting an accent on providing top services.


“You have to pick a company that has been in the home building industry for a long time,” he says. Products come in and out of the market all the time, and the there are plenty materials to choose from. However, “just because it is a new product that does not mean it is not good,” Phil highlights. According to Phil, a good product will stand the test of time, proving its value over and over again.

Useful advice from Huston Lumber

As a new homeowner, Phil advises you to do your research on different types of sidings, windows, trims and insulations. You have to set your goals and decide what materials you want from the beginning, because if you change your mind a lot during the home building process, your budget change.

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