by Todd Ellner
November 23, 2016 Home Building

Your kitchen is the family restaurant where you can act as a chef, the hub where you socialize with your friends when they come to visit and the place where your kids do their homework.

As it serves multiple purposes, it is important to know how to create a kitchen design that is both appealing and fully functional. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, organization and layout are crucial.

Home renovations can be tricky, and the kitchen is no exception. Read on and discover a few essential things your should take into consideration in your kitchen remodeling project.

What to avoid in a kitchen remodeling project:

Whether you choose to work with a professional or you decide to be your own contractor, here is a list of five mistakes you should avoid in a kitchen remodeling project:

1.Blocking the kitchen triangle. Experts refer at the stove, sink and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle, because it is the area with the greatest activity in the kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen layout should allow you to move easily in the kitchen and have unobstructed access to all amenities.

2. Wasting storage space. Keep in mind that a big sized kitchen can be crowded, and a small kitchen can look more spacious than you imagined. When it comes to kitchens, nothing is more important that storage space, so make sure you install enough cabinets and shelves.


3. Insufficient counter space. The lack of counter space in the kitchen is one of the biggest concerns homeowners face. In your kitchen design  plans consider the fact that you need counter space for cooking activities, as well as for all your appliances. The point is to fit as much horizontal surface area in your kitchen as possible.

4. Poor lighting. If there is a place in your house you can not afford to have poor lighting, that is the kitchen. Besides the fact that lighting contributes to the general atmosphere, it also helps you stay safe when handling kitchen tools. One thing you should consider is adding proper lighting above the main work areas in your kitchen.


5. Choosing a different design. If you have a colonial style house it does not mean that you can not have a modern kitchen. You can create a design that combines the traditional style with modern appliances and stay within the overall design of your home.

Key Takeaway

The reason why there is not a standard design for the perfect kitchen is because people are different. The point is to design your kitchen in a way that is suited for you and your family.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we work together in order to help you achieve your dream kitchen. It all starts with a 1:1 meeting: we discuss about your remodeling plans, we tell you our ideas and together with our professional designers we create the perfect design for your kitchen.

Then our talented builders get to work – it is that simple.


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