by Todd Ellner
November 29, 2016 Home Renovation

As winter is slowly approaching, so are low temperatures and shorter days that make you want to curl up in a blanket and have a hot chocolate by the fireplace.

During the cold season it is extremely important to protect your home from potential damage, such as energy leaks or frozen pipes. There are many issues that come along as the coldness looms and the best thing you can do is prevent them.

Did you know: The home maintenance checklist can help you keep track of your home maintenance tasks.

Prepare your house for winter

Here are a few steps to help you keep warm during the cold season:

1.Get your fireplace ready.

  • On the inside: grab a flashlight and look for bird’s nests or cracks.
  • On the outside:look for broken bricks or crumbling mortar.
    In addition to this check-up, make sure you clean the ashes and most importantly, make sure you call a team of professionals to clean your chimney.


Keep in mind: There certain maintenance tasks and home renovation projects that ask for professional help.

2. Seal your windows. This is the most effective way to prevent energy leaks and keep a low energy bill as well. Cover your windows in a thin plastic film (you can buy it at a any hardware store) and simply tape it down with waterproof tape.


3. Clean your gutters. As you know, a clogged gutter blocks the drainage of water and melting snow, thus resulting in leaks that can damage the foundation. Cleaning the gutters is simple: all you need is a tall leader and a pair of rubber gloves. You can always call the pros for a professional maintenance service.


Tip: Installing gutter guards can help you ease your work.

4. Protect your pipes. A small frozen pipe can cause more damage than you ever imagined, but here is what you can do: buy some tubular pipe insulation from your local store, cover all exposed pipes around your home and secure them with duct tape. This way you are preventing water damage and you are conserving energy at the same time.

Keep in mind

In order to take care of your house during winter, there are certain tasks you have to perform on a regular basis. You can turn home maintenance tasks into a family activity or you can get professional help.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we offer support for all our homeowners and we are ready to help you get through the cold season safe and sound. Whether you are thinking of renovating your home or you need professional assistance, we are here to assist you.

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