by Todd Ellner
December 7, 2016 Home Renovation

With a variety of tones that go from driftwood grey to beige and creamy latte, neutrals can never be boring. A neutral color palette can help you set the stage for amazing design combinations and ideas.

Besides the fact that a neutral color palette provides a great background for any color, they also help you create a solid foundation for your decorating ideas, no matter what style you choose.

Thinking of choosing a neutral color palette for your next home renovation project ?

Decorating with neutrals

Here are some tips to help you decorate your home with neutrals  and give every room personality:

1. Decorating your entryway with neutrals…


This is the room where first impressions take place in your home, therefore is the perfect room to show your designer skills. You can add patterns in the same color palette in order to add visual interest: use rugs, wallpapers or paintings.

Tip: You can choose a color tone from your floor tile to stick to the color scheme.

2. Decorating your living room with neutrals…


Use different tones of neutrals for the windows, walls, furniture, and for the floors in order to create a warm, cozy look for your living room. Add colorful pillows, window curtains and maybe a rug with an interesting print, to bring the room to life.

Tip: Add a large chandelier to make your living room more elegant.

3. Decorating your kitchen with neutrals…


This part of your house requires extra attention to details. The idea is to choose colors that do not match entirely, different tone and shades. For example, you can opt for a matter grey to complement your stainless steel appliances. Use printed textiles, such as kitchen towels, small carpets and chairs to give your kitchen personality.

Tip: Classic patterns add a timeless touch in your kitchen design.

4. Decorating your dining room with neutrals…


In most cases, neutral dining rooms are charming, open spaces. By using wood textures you can make your dining room comfortable, inviting and elegant. This is one of the rooms in your house that is un-carpeted, therefore you can choose wooden floors, stone, laminated or other flooring types.

Tip: Even yellow can be a neutral color when it is combined with similar tones.

5. Decorating your bedroom with neutrals…


One of the key elements when decorating with neutrals is to blend the natural elements into your color scheme. For example, a wood ceiling could help you add depth and warmth to your bedroom design, but at the same time it would be a subtle element.

Tip: Cozy, colorful textiles such as pillows and blankets are a must-have.

6. Decorating your bathroom with neutrals…


When it comes to the bathroom, the overall decor tends to be more sterile and a neutral color palette enhances the impression of clean space. You can opt for tiles with patterns in different tone of neutrals or add details, such as a green plant on the countertop.

Tip: Mosaic effects in different color tones make neutrals feel more alive.


The fact that neutrals are so versatile allows you to change the style and the design of your home in any way you want. The wide variety of tones and shades allows you to create a modern, yet classical design.

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