by Todd Ellner
December 12, 2016 Home Renovation

Tile layout is one of the most important steps in a bathroom renovation: with the right planning you can facilitate framing changes, fixture and lighting locations without having to break the tiles.

All home renovation projects require experience, and installing bathroom tiles is no different. There are numerous tips and tricks that can be helpful, but the smallest measurement mistake can cost you time and money.

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When installing new tiles in your bathroom…

1.Make a plan

It is very important to know exactly where the cabinets will be located. Mark those places and make sure you inform everyone involved in your project that those spaces are reserved. It works the same for fixtures.


2. Buy a sample

By purchasing a sample of the model you want, you can put it against the wall and see if it is really what you want: put the tile in the shower cabin, see how it looks, see if it twists or bends and make a soak test to check the quality.


Attention: Bathroom tiles and grout should be water and vapour resistant in order to avoid the appearance of mold.

3. Start from the ceiling

Take this as a valuable advice from a professional: laying out the tile from the ceiling makes it easier to get it right the first time. Alternatively, you can draw the tile design on the wall prior to installing it, thus making sure the layout is correct.


4. Set up the drain

Along with other renovation  projects that require professional assistance , setting the drain is also a job that asks for the knowledge of a pro. In many cases the drain has zero space for adjustment, therefore you need perfect planning.

5. Prevent leaks

Make sure you grade the areas outside the shower… back to the shower. Add an extra inlay of tiles around the shower cabin (like a shower curb) to prevent unwanted water leaks.



Remodeling your bathroom is not something that you do every year, so make sure you choose a tile design that will last for a long time.

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