by Todd Ellner
December 14, 2016 Tips

Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind those houses that make you stop and stare in awe of their beauty?

The key to a unique and visually appealing exterior design is to follow a few simple, yet important design rules. Design is a process of combining colors and textures and finding a balance between shapes and lines.

But how can you achieve that outside, where you play with plants, bricks and other accessories? Not only do you have to find a balance between these elements, but you also have to keep in mind that your home’s exterior design has to be in tune with the design of your house.

Are you ready to give your front yard a new look?

Four basic lessons of exterior design

1.Symmetry in your home’s architecture

Balance and symmetry play a crucial role in achieving a beautiful home exterior. There are many ways to create an eye catching front yard: whether it is through pointed roof lines that are equally placed among a house’s exterior, or through a centered door that is located at the same distance from the windows on either side.


2. Materials and textures

How do you choose between cedar shingles, wood, brick, steel, aluminum, tumbled stone or vinyl siding? Remember: the exterior of your house (as well as  the interior ) should reflect your lifestyle.

Therefore, if your style is traditional you should go for cedar shingles and and stone. If your style is modern, you can try steel or simple wood panels.


Tip: These design ideas will help you add value to your home.

3. Color

When choosing the color palette for the exterior of your home the best approach is to pick two shades of the same color. Use one of the shades for the body of the house and the other for the trim. Then you can pick a third contrasting color to paint the door.

We find that with the homes we build , white is a perfect contrast color, therefore we use it on windows, doors and entrances. A very beautiful contrast is also created by dark wood doors, or stone paved entries.


Remember: The color you choose can either hide certain flaws of your house, or draw attention upon them.

4. Landscaping and lighting

Landscaping is much more than planting a tree in front of your house: it is creating a jaw-dropping design with well-placed plants, patches of grass and stone. It takes time for the plants to grow, so patience is gold in this case.

A beautiful lighting plan is paramount for a successful landscape design. Choose lighting that matches your home’s style: for a traditional style house choose lantern-style chandeliers hanging over the entryway or flanking the garage.


Bonus tip: Turn your backyard into a charming retreat with these inspirational lighting ideas.

Keep in mind

Designing the exterior of your house may look complicated because it requires a lot of choices and decision making. Just make sure you know exactly what you want and let your imagination take the lead.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we know how to make a house look good, both on the inside and on the outside. All our homes for sale have a landscape design created by our talented collaborators. Every house’s landscape perfectly blends with its surroundings and at the same time gives the ‘Wow!’ effect.

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