by Todd Ellner
December 19, 2016 Interior Design

Are you looking for home design inspiration? Home design shows are a great way of staying on top of the industry trends and getting inspired for an upcoming home building project.

Plus, seeing how designers interpret a space helps us to better understand homeowners’ needs and apply our learning in the homes we build in Westfield.

So here is a list of our favorite home design shows.

1.Dear Genevieve


Most home design shows waste their time on showing the decision making process when all the viewers care about is how to create a home design plan and how to source all the materials you need.

What makes Dear Genevieve one of our favorite home design shows is that it explains the design plan, shares shopping tips and highlights the mistakes to avoid in the interior design process.

In other words, the show offers a lot of practical advice, which is what we all need.

2. Selling Houses Australia


Seeing what designers do in various countries around the world is great because it allows you to widen your horizon. We picked Selling Houses Australia, because this show is funny, honest and most importantly, it is real: you can go on a journey with real people and discover that sometimes things do not go as planned.

3. Grand Designs


This British show features major homebuilding projects presented by the host Kevin McCloud. He is not afraid to tell the ugly truth and speak his mind… which often puts him in a difficult position with the homeowners. It is a fun home design show to watch: educational and entertaining at the same time.

4. My Dream Home


The Canadian show hosted by the twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, takes home hunters on a mission to buy cheaper homes and renovate them.

The show gives a great insight of the buying and renovating processes, starting with the initial planning, going throughout the building process and getting to the final result.

It is a very inspiring home design show to watch, especially since here at Gialluisi Custom Homes it brings back memories of the times when we used to take over home flipping projects ourselves. Ah, melancholy!

5. 60 Minute Makeover


Just as the title suggests, the 60 Minute Makeover has a clear mission: redesign a room in 60 minutes. Yes, they time it all, it’s fast, it’s stressful, but it’s challenging and fun. We love it. Plus, showing the final result is the best moment of the show.

Just imagine a group of 30 people trying to achieve the impossible: doing a room makeover in 60 minutes!

Key Takeaway

Home design shows are a great source of inspiration for your home design project. A lot of people search for inspiration on the internet, and the good thing about these shows is that most of them are also available online, either on a dedicated website or on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms.

Keep in mind that behind every home design show there and professional home builders and designers, who know exactly what they are doing.

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