by Todd Ellner
December 21, 2016 Tips

Your friends just moved into a new home around the holidays and they are throwing a holiday party. They invited you, so you are thinking about offering them a gift to celebrate their moving into a new home. What’s most suitable?

This list that can help you get a few ideas of gifts that are perfect during the holiday season, with a focus on new homeowners.

Practical holiday gift ideas for new homeowners

Before we start: The best gift for homeowners should be practical and useful. If the family has just moved in, maybe it is best if you ask them what it is they need – and get it for them.

1.An automatic vacuum


Cleaning an entire house asks for effort and time. Besides the fact that it is a time saver, an automatic vacuum also reduces the need of moving heavy furniture and it is ideal for cleaning those tough to reach spots under the table or behind the furniture.

Any host will appreciate a gift that will ease their chores around the house and which they can use every time they need, for many years to come.

2. Towels


Chances are that your host will already have a stock in their new home, but then again, there are never too many towels in a house. You can create a gift pack with towels in all sizes for bathroom use and buy colorful ones for the kids.

Tip: Find out  what color is the interior of their new home and buy them a few kitchen towels to match with the design.

3. WI-FI range extender


If your hosts just moved into an extra spacious house, the wi-fi may not reach every room. This means no access to online recipes in the kitchen, or teenagers who cannot study from their laptop in their room.

Therefore, a stylish wi-fi range extender could be the perfect gift and you can be sure they will enjoy it. It is a convenient and effective solution for weak wi-fi signal in a house.

4. A magnetic key holder


How many times were you in a rush to get somewhere and you were not able to find your keys? Eventually you would find them thrown away behind the hallway furniture… or in the fridge.

A key holder is amongst the most practical gifts you could buy as a housewarming fit. Your hosts will be thankful because you helped them save precious time… time they would have spent searching their keys around the house.

5. A gift card


Buying a gift card for a home decor store is the safest solution. Your hosts will be able to purchase anything they want or need for their new home (depending on the amount of money you choose to put on the gift card).

A gift card is the ideal solution if you are unsure of what your hosts need.


The best thing you can do is get them something practical such as an item or a household appliance that people find useful. This way you can be sure they will not throw it in the attic once you leave the party.

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