by Todd Ellner
January 16, 2017 Interior Design

Whoever said the words less is more, clearly did not know what to expect in 2017.
This year comes with many changes in terms of home decoration trends: from earthy colors to textures and materials that promise to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Tip: Home design trends change each year. So if you decided to renovate your home in 2017, take inspiration from this year’s trends, but aim to create a timeless home design. Colonial style architecture plans are always a classic, timeless option, especially if you live in Westfield, New Jersey.

Let’s cut to the chase and discover the major home trends that will define 2017:

New year, new trends


This year we will see more of deep colors, such as reds and oranges in saffron and hues resembling chestnut and cinnamon.

Different shades of blue and green will also be popular in 2017. Colors in different tones will pop up in the attempt to enrich the living spaces.

However, when it comes to bathroom renovation , white remains in the leading position, allowing tiles, mirrors and taps to play with colors and prints.



If your tastes are more conservative and you prefer neutral tones, there is another way to create a beautiful interior design: use different shades of the same color in prints, fabrics, wall art and lighting fixtures.

You will thus come up with a beautiful basic chromatic scheme to which you can then add colored and textured details.

Built-in bars

A modern house of 2017 is as much beautiful as it is practical. Therefore, a built in bar is perfect if you are a homeowner who likes to entertain.

When it comes to creating a perfect modern home that aligns with the design requests of 2017, a build-in bar is an absolute must. If your space doesn’t allow it, or if you are not a really big fan of bars but still want something similar at home, the kitchen island can be a great replacement. Just add tall bar stools to the kitchen island and build a drinks cupboard at the back of the island.

Deep kitchen drawers

These drawers have been trying to replace kitchen cabinets for a while now, but now they are only getting better, so expect to see more of these in 2017’s homes.

Different types of dividers and inserts let you organize any shape or size of dish. There are even smarter options such as corner drawers or under range tops and sinks!

Contrasting kitchen islands

If you think a built-in bar is a little too much for your kitchen remodeling, a colorful kitchen island is the perfect substitute: it offers that extra room you need to sit down, have drinks and eat snacks with your family and friends.

Make sure you choose a contrasting color for the island: if you have a kitchen painted in warm hues, pick a cold shade for the kitchen island, like in the picture below.


Wallpapers have been popular during the past years, but now we know just the best way to use them. Therefore, wallpapers are IN this year, and you can make wonders playing with wallpaper colors and textures for your home’s design.

Whether they have bold colors, abstract motifs or geometric prints, wallpapers are making their way into our homes this year.

Bonus tip: If you think the wallpaper prints are too mainstream, consider talking to a local artist who can create a unique print pattern for you.


If your house has a traditional design, you can bring it up to date by adding unique colors, textures and different materials.

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