by Todd Ellner
February 13, 2017 Home Maintenance

The winter season is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately melting snow can have negative effects on your driveway.

As a homeowner, it is extremely important to be be aware of the risks that come along with the cold season. You will be facing loads of snow on your rooftop, i-cycles on the gutters and frozen windows.

Today we are going to focus on the top winter challenge: the ice on the driveway and walkway. Patrick is back with a useful home maintenance tip, explaining how to protect the asphalt in front of your house.

Calcium chloride – a must have for every homeowner

When compared to other common ice melting materials, calcium chloride is definitely the best choice. It combines all the right substances for driveway winter maintenance and ensures maximum safety (for you and for the concrete/asphalt).

  • Calcium chloride maintains the ice melting power at -25 degrees F (-32 degrees C), unlike potassium chloride which loses effectiveness at a few degrees below 0;
  • Calcium chloride generates heat while it dissolves and melts the ice;
  • It melts ice in no time (faster than any other product).

Did you know: a pound of calcium chloride can increase the temperature of a gallon of water by approximately 30°F.

When water flows over concrete, the calcium in it can be drained out, making the concrete breakable. The reason why calcium chloride keeps the concrete intact is because it has many calcium-containing elements. Therefore, the higher the concentration of calcium on the water, the less draining occurs, leaving the concrete safe and sound.

Keep in mind: Try to refrain from using rock salt to remove snow from your driveway. The sodium will corrode your asphalt and it can eat away the concrete on your stairs.

Key Takeaway

Unless you want to rebuild your driveway every spring, now is the time to run to the closest store and get calcium chloride or get in touch with one of our team members who can help you remove snow from your driveway safely and without damaging the asphalt.

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