by Todd Ellner
February 20, 2017 Tips

If decades ago bathrooms were nothing more than just simple utilitarian rooms, nowadays things are a little bit (more) different. Bathrooms have evolved into personal retreats and at-home spas, thus designing the perfect bathroom requires good planning and careful thought.

There is an entire list of questions you have to answer before designing your dream bathroom : will it be spacious enough? Should you add a shower cabin or a bathtub? What about adding them both? What style of cabinets should you choose? Will there be enough natural light? And the list goes on…

Designing a bathroom can be challenging, there is no doubt about that. However, we are ready to help. Read on and discover our list of basic rules to follow when designing your bathroom.

Create your personal oasis (in the comfort of your home)

1. Plan enough space for every function: practical advice

You need space to dry off when you step out of the shower and a place to hang your towels, within easy reach. Make sure there is enough countertop area and storage space. Remember that you need to install a plug receptacle for your hair dryer. Make sure you can open the drawers without hitting other objects…


There are lot of things to consider and many questions to answer when designing your bathroom , so you will need to be patient and careful. If you are in doubt and you need some advice, call the pros.

2. Natural light is important ( but so is privacy)

When placing your bathroom window make sure you know what’s around. If your neighbor’s house is too close then you should definitely worry about prying eyes. For a better privacy you can add wooden blinds. They are a popular choice for bathrooms because they match every style, they are easy to clean and most importantly, they let natural light in while blinding the view.


Another idea is to combine shutter systems with the modern blinds. You can easily open the louvers and allow natural light to come in, or close them whenever you need privacy.

3. Combine luxury and comfort

Tip: set your imagination free.

Heated floors and towel bars, a steam shower, body sprays, aromatherapy and even a sound system. These are just a few ideas you can implement when designing your dream bathroom. Why go to the spa when you can create your own oasis at home and enjoy it every day?


Read more: luxurious bathroom renovation ideas for a “wow” effect.

4. Consider maintenance

Sure, you want your bathroom to look amazing but keep in mind that expensive finishes require constant maintenance. Make sure you know all the characteristics of each countertop, mirror frame and piece of tile you install before finalizing your choices.


Key Takeaway

Your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your house, therefore make sure you design it just the way you want. Set clear goals and make sure you stick to them, in order to avoid extra costs.

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