by Todd Ellner
March 6, 2017 Tips

Dear homeowners, put your snow shovels back in the shed and hide your snow boots in the attic: it is time to prepare for spring landscaping and bring your home front yard to life.

All the landscaping ideas you dreamed about during the cold season can now be put into practice.

Wondering where to start? Discover a few simple steps to deal with spring landscaping.
How to plan for your home’s spring landscaping.

How to plan for your home’s spring landscaping

1. Make sure you know your climate

Before heading to your local gardening shop and buying all the plants they have, make sure you do a little research. Details such as your geographic location and the climate of your location can be extremely helpful when it comes to landscaping.

This is a simple yet effective method to find out exactly what types of plants are the most appropriate for your backyard. Keep in mind that flowers that prefer sun will not bloom in a shady yard.


2. Research, research, research

Is it going to be a DIY project? Or are you going to hire landscaping professionals to take care of it? Establishing these aspects from the beginning will help you estimate the cost of your project and prevent additional expenses.


3. Pay attention to planting guidelines

When choosing the plants and flowers for your landscape, make sure to ask your local nursery about the best time to plant them.

While you may get excited about planting all the flowers at once, you have to take into consideration their planting recommendations. In order to thrive for years to come, seeds need to be planted at a specific time of the year.


4. Get some inspiration

For some homeowners, inspiration comes by looking at their neighbor’s landscape. Speciality magazines and TV shows are also on the list.

However, the is even an easier method to get new ideas. All you have to do is simply type the words landscaping ideas in Google and you gain instant access to an endless source of inspiration.

In addition, there are also social media platforms such as Pinterest or Houzz where you can discover breathtaking landscaping designs.


Tip: These exterior design lessons can guide you towards creating a unique front yard that inspires your neighbors.

5. Don’t forget about maintenance

Landscaping is a continuous process that requires maintenance and care.

Tasks such as pulling weeds, watering and mowing the lawn or replacing dead plants will need to be performed on a regular basis. If you are a busy homeowner, you can hire a professional gardener to take care of your plants.


Useful tip: download our home maintenance checklist  and see what tasks you have to perform around the house each season.

Keep in mind

Spring landscaping is one of the biggest joys of being a homeowner, as it marks the beginning of nature’s renewal.

When planning your landscaping choose plants that complement your home’s color and style. Ask for advice if you need it.

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