by Todd Ellner
April 5, 2017 Home Building

When it comes to choosing the right environment to raise your children, it is really a matter of personal preference: should you choose the vibrant life of the city or the peaceful environment of the suburbs?

There is no right answer for this question, as every family has different needs and lifestyles.


When choosing between city and suburbs, think about:


There is one important question you have to answer: are you ready to become a homeowner or do you think that, for now, renting is the best option. Keep in mind that both buying and renting come with pros and cons. All you have to do is create your own list and decide which one fits your and your family’s needs.

Living space

One of the greatest advantages of  owning a home in the suburbs  is that you have lots of space. From kitchen and bathroom storage spaces, to walk-in closets and even a mudroom where you can leave your dirty shoes. Not to mention the attic, basement, garage and the like…

You can have a dedicated laundry room and can remodel your basement to provide even more flexibility: turn it into a playground for your children, a second living room, a gaming room or even a guest bedroom.

Tip: See some amazing  basement renovations and get inspired for your upcoming remodeling projects.

School system

Compare the public schools in the city with the ones in the suburban area you are considering to move in. As a parent, you want your children to receive the best education, but keep in mind that enrolling your children in a private school is a great investment.

Good to know: Westfield High School was ranked no. 8 on the list of 100 public schools in the State.

Commuting time

Have you ever been in that situation when you had to be somewhere at a certain time, but you got stuck in traffic?

Living in the suburbs is a whole different story. Usually, driving downtown is a matter of minutes. You will not have to worry about arriving late at work because of the traffic and you can always make it to your child’s baseball game or school play on time.

As far as commuting to work, it is good to know that Westfield has a train connection to New York and you can be in the Big Apple in about 40 minutes.

Choose what’s best for your loved ones

For some families, living in the suburbs makes more sense because you can enjoy a spacious house and quiet neighborhoods. Other families are happy to live in a smaller apartment and be part of the vibrant life of the city. Which one are you?

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