by Todd Ellner
April 27, 2017 Tips

Do you ever fear that someone might break into your home while you are away?

Unfortunately, these situations are unpredictable. Hoping that it will never happen to you is not a strategy. So you need to take a few safety precautions.

Here are some quick tips that will help you protect your home.


Simple home security tips every homeowner should know

1. Always lock your door when you get out.

Even if you are going out for a short time, to check your mail or to take out the trash, always lock the door. A burglar needs a minute to walk into your house, grab something and disappear. Make sure to install new locks if you are moving into a new place.

Tip: A small town is the best option for a growing family. The crime rate in Westfield and the cities we serve is really low to non-existent.

2. Install a resistant front door.

Choose a door that can not be kicked in. You can opt for a solid wood door, a metal door or a fiberglass one. It is crucial to make sure that there is no gap between the door and the frame. Even a small gap can be a good opportunity for an intruder who operates with special tools. Hire a professional to reinforce your front door.

Tip: Make sure the door hinges are on the inside of your home. Exposed hinges are an easy target for burglars.

3. A professional alarm system is the next step towards a safer home.

When you install a new alarm system make sure you pick one that features concealed wiring. If the wires of the alarm system are exposed, the burglar can disconnect them. It is best to ask for professional help.

4. Keep your patio door locked whenever it is not in use.

For extra security, place an object in the track of the sliding door. It can be a metal bar, a broom or even a hockey stick. This way the door will stay closed even if the lock is broken.

5. Keep your windows closed when you are not at home.

A burglar is less likely to break a window to enter your home because it causes too much noise. But an open window is like an invitation for an unwanted guest.

Thus, make sure to keep your window locked when you are not at home. You can even install burglar resistant glass or opt for windows with more than one lock.

6. Install lights on timers (inexpensive and easy to use).

Are you going on vacation for a prolonged period of time? Burglars do not need to know that. Lights on timers are a great way to create the illusion that you are at home. A digital timer allows you to adjust the lights over several days. Pretty great, don’t you think?

7. Ask a trusted neighbor to check on your house from time to time.

Ask your neighbors to check your home especially when you are away for a long time. Ask them to collect your mail or the newspapers on the porch. You can even ask them to park in your driveway.

Letting these items pile up is a sign that no one is at home. That is a signal you do not want to send.

Tip: Give your neighbor the key to your house, do not hide it under the welcome mat.


There are many ways that can help you provide an extra level of security for your home. From smart gadgets to video surveillance (see more about smart homes here) or to asking a friend to check on your house from time to time.

If you are looking to buy a home in Westfield or the surrounding areas, it is good to know that this is a region with low to non-existent crime rate. What is more, Union County has some of the best schools in the country. If you are thinking about moving to Westfield, make sure to check our homes for sale.

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