by Todd Ellner
May 31, 2017 Home Maintenance

Do you want to have an amazing garden all summer long?

Check your list of home maintenance tasks from time to time. This way you will have a clear schedule of what needs to be done in the garden during the hot season.

Here are a few useful things you should know before rolling your sleeves up and getting to work:


During summer gardening, you should:

Make room for hot-season vegetables

The summer heat creates the ideal environment for heat-loving edibles. If you ever dreamed of planting your own sweet potatoes, chili peppers or eggplants, this is the perfect time to do it.

Did you know… ? Besides being tasty, sweet potatoes are also great groundcovers in veggie gardens. They shade out weeds and prevent them from growing.

Embrace drought-tolerant plants

Agave, Bougainvillea, Portulaca or Lithops are just a few examples of plants that love the summer. The main benefit of these types of plants is the fact that they require low maintenance. Having a garden does not mean you have to spend all of your summer evenings watering the plants. Think smart.

That being said, “drought-tolerant” does not mean you that once you plant it you can forget about it forever. Make sure you water the plants from time to time. Ask your local flower shop for instructions.


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Water, water water

Plants get thirsty too, keep them hydrated. Make sure that the water infiltrates in the soil and gets to the roots. This way you will encourage a deeper root growth, thus helping the plants stay healthier for a longer period of time.


During summer gardening, you should not:

“Shave” your lawn (it is not a solution)

Whatever you do, avoid mowing your lawn too close to the ground. Unless you are willing to settle for a brown garden!

By cutting your lawn too short you will decrease its drought tolerance. It also leads to patchier growth, more unwanted roots and shallow roots.


Water when it is not necessary

Setting the sprinklers on a timer and considering gardening done is pretty easy, right? It is, if you want to be that neighbor who waters the garden even when it is raining.

Our advice is to water your plants when they are newly planted in the ground. However, don’t wait until all their leaves fall due to drought. Water the plants once every few days and it should be enough to keep them alive and blooming.

Forget to pull the weeds out

Pull those weeds before they get the chance to bloom and spread all over your garden.

It is not always fun (not to say never), but it is a necessary thing to do. To avoid back pain from too much bending, you can use a hoe or a small cultivator. For tough established weeds, you can even use a hook.

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“There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments,” as Janet Kilburn Phillips says.


Regardless of how many flowers and veggies you choose to plant in your garden this summer, remember to take care of them.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your garden full of life throughout the entire season.

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