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June 23, 2017 Home Building

As the newest member of our team, Mark believes that joining Gialluisi Custom Homes is the best decision he made in a long time.

With over 25 years of experience in management and customer service, Mark loves helping our customers. He is hardworking, passionate and always in a good mood.

What makes him get out of bed every morning? Find out in the interview below:

Mark Levine: a short background check

Mark’s career in the construction industry started at an early age. As soon as he graduated from the University of Albany, he started to buy and repair homes. Building and renovating homes has always been his passion.

However, things did not work out as planned, at least not from the first try.

When it comes to his previous working places, Mark has a colorful background – this is where his experience with customers comes from. Mark spent 25 years working in New York City in different industries.

He was a partner at a classic cars restorations company and he worked as a union salesman in the liquor industry. “I was also a circulation director and executive for distribution in US, Canada and Europe in the publishing industry,” Mark remembers.

After almost three decades, Mark returned to his first love: home building. He is one of our project managers, along with Patrick Nardone.

A day at work

Being a project manager and a client relations expert is not easy, but Mark loves to face everyday challenges. He has many tasks to take care of on a daily basis, thus is always glad to give a helping hand. You will rarely hear Mark complaining.

“I take care of customers when they are building their homes,” says Mark. He is on the home site every day, taking care of customers’ needs and answering their questions. As part of his project manager duties, Mark supervises all the subcontractors and ensures the home building process goes smoothly.

“I also take care of vendors and orders,” he adds.

Working with Gialluisi Custom Homes

When asked about his favorite thing about working with Gialluisi Custom Homes, Mark replied:

“The best part of working here is interacting with the customers. They are making a large investment and their entire life is their home. My greatest reward is to see people build their dream homes, knowing we did our best to help them.”

“At Gialluisi Custom Homes we work together with our customers, we communicate with them and we help them get through every step of the building process. It is extremely satisfying to see the homes being built from start to finish,” Mark continues.

Mark’s advice

“Building a home is probably the largest financial decision you will make in your life. It is crucial to choose the right builder,” Mark recommends.

Choosing the right builder is the key to a successful homebuilding project. (tweet)

“Once we finish building a home, we stay in touch with the homeowners for years. We offer an unlimited home maintenance service,” Mark says. This is what makes Gialluisi Custom Homes unique.

Family time is the most important

For Mark, his biggest hobby is his family.

”I spend most of my free time with my family. Together with my wife Suzanne and my three children, we go all over the state to wrestling tournaments, football games and baseball. We also like the outdoor and we enjoy camping. We have an old convertible and we like to drive around on the weekends,” Mark explains with a big smile on his face.

If you want to get in touch with Mark, send us an email at

P.S If you’re thinking of building a custom home, give us a call.

Build your dream home with us

Enjoy the benefits of our Built To Suit program:

  • Build your home on a lot you already have (or we can help you find the perfect one)
  • Customize everything about your home
  • Enjoy reduced downpayment (only 10% upfront)
  • Get assistance in finding the best financing solution for your needs

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