by Todd Ellner
July 11, 2017 Smart homes

Have you ever been on your way to work when you remembered that you forgot to lock the door? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

In these situations, going back home is not always an option. Fortunately, technology can spare you the efforts and clear all your doubts.

How can smart home systems make your life easier? You will be amazed.
But first…


How do smart home systems work (are they really that great?)

Long story short, you can control any device in your home that uses electricity. You can give commands by voice, by using a remote control or by using your smartphone.

Smart home systems were designed to make life easy and convenient. Now you can switch off the lights or control the temperature while sitting on your couch. Regardless if you are at your office or on holiday on another continent, the smart home systems have the ability to keep you in control of everything that happens at home in your absence.

Tip: Most smart home systems relate to lighting control, home security, entertainment and temperature regulation.

And yes, smart home systems are really that great:

  • They can unlock your door as you approach
  • Feed your pets on a schedule
  • Create mood lighting for different occasions
  • Program the TV so your kids can only watch it at certain hours
  • Turn on the coffee maker (while you are still in bed)

Should a fire burst in the middle of the night, the smart home system will wake you up with a notification. What is more, it will also unlock all the doors of your house and dial 911.

Let’s talk about affordability

Like any other new technology, smart home control equals a major financial investment. It also means time investment in order to keep up with the novelties and changes. If you are short on these resources, maybe you should stick to a traditional house.

However, one of the greatest advantages of smart homes is that you can do as much or as little automation as you want. You can balance your budget if you choose to build your smart home gradually.

Think about a task you do every day and find a way to automate it. Are you tired of getting out of bed to turn the lights off every night? Install a basic lighting system controlled by voice. It only costs a few hundred dollars but we guarantee it worths every penny.

Lights can turn off automatically in unused spaces and rooms can be cooled or heated only if someone is there. The results will be visible on your electrical bills.

It’s time to make your home smart

Here are some examples of smart home systems that you will love:

Surveillance cameras – They can track what happens around your house even during pitch black nights. Cameras placed strategically throughout your hub allow you to see if everything is fine at home, especially if you are away for a prolonged period of time.

Motion sensors – This way you will know if someone if is approaching your house. These types of sensors can even tell the difference between a pet or a human. Isn’t it great?

LED lights – Are perfect if you want to upgrade your home’s lighting to wireless control. LED lights do an amazing job in reducing your energy consumption and they are also fun. You can adjust their color and brightness by using your smartphone.

Garage door controller – Your garage door can open as soon as the sensor feels your smartphone approaching.


We are living the future that was predicted years ago. Every day, we witness how technology strives to make our lives easier. Smart home systems were created to make our everyday living more comfortable and safe.

At Gialluisi Custom Homes we do our best to keep our customers updated with the latest technology in terms of smart homes.

Learn more about our smart homes service.

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