by Todd Ellner
July 26, 2017 Smart homes

The idea of smart homes has been around for a while now.

Yet, we are not completely familiar with this new technology.

The truth is that talking to devices in your home (or even getting answers back!) is far from ordinary. It sounds more like a scene taken from The Jetsons. But it’s happening now – so we take a look into the how.


The five important features of smart devices

How do they do it? What makes smart devices… smart?

Before we talk about voice controlled smart tech, let’s see the secret ingredients that can turn a regular home into an intelligent property.

  • Sensors – this is the basic ingredient of smart devices. In order to function, a smart gadget needs to gather information. Data such as temperature, movement, video, location, air quality is used to create the foundation of the smart device.
  • Automation – a smart device performs a task based on the sensors it gathers. For example, the lights turn on when you enter the room. Or the sprinkler system stops if it rains for more than two days.

Did you know? Many of the smart devices available on the market only have these first two features above. But the list is longer…

  • Remote accessibility – you can control a device using your smartphone or a remote controller. For example, you can control the thermostat and check the surveillance cameras while you are still at work, or on holiday.
  • Awareness – this occurs when a device has the ability to analyze and understand its surroundings. At this point, it can sense where it is and what is happening around it. To get a clearer image, imagine a smart lock that only opens the door when the family members arrive home.
  • Learning – smart devices can learn and identify patterns over time. This changes the way they respond to different triggers without the need of setting them up. For a better understanding, think of a thermostat that optimizes the heating and cooling based on your behavior. It knows if you like your bedroom a little warmer (or colder) when you wake up…

Tip: Next time you go shopping for smart devices, make sure they check all the boxes.

Talking to your home is easier than you imagine…

… thanks to smart assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, or Google.

Yet, communicating with a smart device has not always been easy. In the beginning, they did not recognize the typical human voice as easily as they do nowadays. To make yourself heard, you had to talk slow and exaggerate pronunciation.

Fortunately, tech keeps improving at the speed of light.

Your digital friend can answer your questions and complete tasks. Ask it to turn on the oven, play music, open the door or turn off the lights. It is convenient, accessible and fast.



Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives.

It aims to connect devices with each other and eventually with their users. The ultimate goal of voice controlled smart devices is to make your life easier.

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