by Todd Ellner
August 17, 2017 Home Maintenance

Why are home inspections an important part of home maintenance? They ensure that every part of your home is fully functional, from the foundation to the roof.

Unlike other home maintenance tasks you can do by yourself, home inspections need to be performed by professionals. They have the experience to tell if there is a crack in your foundation or if the drainage system is not working properly.

Home inspections are divided in two categories:

  • exterior inspections
  • interior inspections

We’re going to take a closer look at both.


During exterior home inspections, we pay attention to:

Exterior walls

We make sure the siding is not damaged or missing parts. We also check to see if there are any cracks that might lead to serious deterioration in time.

By the end of the inspection we are able to determine:

  • Cosmetic problems that can be quickly fixed
  • Other, more serious problems that require the help of a specialist



Being the part of the house that keeps everything together, the foundation requires careful investigation.

Here’s what we focus on during foundation inspections:

  • Leaning walls: any sign of shifting means that the soil may be expanding (this requires urgent fixing)
  • Water intrusion and excessive moisture
  • Cracks



If the grading slopes away from the house correctly, there is no risk for water to get inside the house. Otherwise, we need to either change the slope or install a drainage system.


First, we test the door for proper opening and closing. Then we check to see if the garage is properly ventilated. This is crucial to prevent accidental carbon monoxide intoxication.



Nobody wants a leaking roof, right?

During roof inspections we always make sure there is no roof damage that could allow water to leak into the house. We also pay extra attention to see if there are any improperly secured shingles or small cracks.

During interior home inspections, we pay attention to:


  • Checking all faucets and showers
  • Looking for visible leaks
  • Testing the water pressure


Electrical inspections

This is the part where we test all the outlets and make sure the ground fault circuit interrupters work properly. Remember, their role is to protect you from electric shock and electrical burns.

During this inspection we also check the electrical panel for any type of safety issues.

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Water heater

The water heater needs to be properly installed and secured. Our job is to test it and make sure it is in perfect condition. There is no room for mistakes, that’s why we work with the best specialists in all home inspections.

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The interior inspection continues with:

  • Checking all the kitchen appliances
  • Making sure the bathrooms are in top shape
  • Testing the smoke detectors


It is a necessary safety measure that you have to take once in awhile.

Visit our home maintenance page and learn more useful tips and tricks on how to take care of your home.

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