by Todd Ellner
August 29, 2017 Home Maintenance

Getting your home ready for autumn?

Roll up your sleeves and get to work – the fall season is right around the corner.

Here are the home maintenance tasks you need to mark as complete on your list.

Interior home maintenance tasks for autumn


Check for drafts around the windows and doors. You still have plenty of time to fix them before the chilly weather sets in. You can use a lighted candle to spot the drafts: if the flame flickers when you put in in a certain place near the window, it means you should replace the caulking around your windows and doors.

Inspect the furnace. See if there are leaks, check the heating efficiency and change the filters. Hire a professional to do a carbon monoxide check and ensure air safety.

Tip: Here are the basics of HVAC maintenance explained by our expert.

Test home safety devices to make sure they work properly. This means you will probably have to change all the batteries in the smoke detectors. Remember, prevention is key.

Clean humidifiers and replace the filters. This is a simple task that you can do by yourself. Use vinegar to clean inside the compartment before adding the new filters.

Exterior home maintenance for autumn


Get the roof ready for the rainy season. Check for missing or damaged shingles and replace them. If you are not good with heights, make sure to hire an expert to do it for you.

Inspect the chimney and the fireplace. Make sure to clean the chimney and have it checked by a professional. This is an important task, especially if you use your fireplace often.

Inspect the siding of your home. See if there are any cracks or holes and fix them.

Clean the gutters. Remove nests, leaves and any kind of debris that might lead to clogging. Remember to check for leaks too.

Tip: Gutter guards can make your life easier.

Check the water drainage. Rainwater downspouts need to direct water away for the foundation, walkway and driveway. You can add extensions to your downspouts if necessary.

Inspect trees near your house. Broken limbs can cause real damage if they are close to power lines or the roof. You might need professional help, as it is not safe for you to climb tall trees.

Put away seasonal furniture. Summer days are over and it’s time for your backyard furniture to take a break. Make sure to wash it and dry it before storing it away during the cold season.

Fertilize the lawn to prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Ask your local gardening center for advice. Find out which type of fertilizer you need and how to use it properly.

Plant bulbs for spring. If you plan on having a garden full of flowers in the spring, now is the time to plant the bulbs.

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Take advantage of the last days of summer and get your home ready for autumn. Organize your time and make sure you check all the maintenance tasks on the list.

Visit our home maintenance section for more useful tips & tricks.

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