by Todd Ellner
September 13, 2017 Home Building

Wondering what’s the best way to power your home with renewable energy?

Deciding which option is better can be tough, especially if you are not familiar with green energy. Fortunately, we are ready to give you a helping hand.

Here are four different ways to power your home with renewable energy. Make sure to choose the one that suits your needs best.


1.Solar panels

If you are looking into renewable power, solar panels are the most widely used. We talk more about it here.

Solar panels are usually installed on the roof.

However, you can also install them in your backyard. Depending on the orientation of the panels, they can generate up to 10 watts per square foot.

Keeping in mind that typically a house consumes at least one kilowatt of power, a few square feet of solar panels should be enough to power your home.

2. Wind turbines

The most common places to see wind turbines are on wind farms. But this doesn’t mean there can’t be any exceptions!

Tip: A couple of things to keep in mind if you are thinking about installing a wind turbine:

  1. You need to have a large property, as it takes up space
  2. You need to learn to ignore the noise (wind turbines are not really silent)

Nonetheless, wind power is a great asset. It is more reliable than solar power, especially if you live in a windy area. Thus, a good sized wind turbine can generate all the electricity you need at home.

3. Solar water heating

You can also use solar power to heat your home. The way it works is simple:

The solar water heater uses the sun to heat a reserve of water (which is usually placed on the roof). The water is then pumped through your radiators, faucets and showerheads. Needles to say that this is a cheaper than using gas or electricity…

There are many types of solar water heaters out there on the market. Ask a professional which is the best alternative for your needs.

4. Solar air conditioning

Did you know you can use solar power to cool your house? No, it’s not a joke. That is exactly what solar air conditioning does.

Let’s be honest: your air conditioning system uses more electricity than all other electrical devices in your home. You have to dig deep in your pockets every time the electricity bill comes.

Giving up on your air conditioning is not a solution – especially if you live in a hot climate. Solar air conditioning can be a great alternative.



More and more homeowners decide to try renewable energy. The two main reasons are simple: it helps them cut costs and help the environment.

Are you ready to go green and start saving with renewable energy?


One more piece of advice before you go:

You can add smart home solutions to your house at any time. However, it is better to incorporate them as you are still in the building phase. A custom built home gives you the possibility to customize it to your own liking, smart tech solutions included.

Tip: Building a custom home is cheaper than buying a ready-made one.

We can help you build your dream home on a lot you already own or alternatively find a lot that suits your needs. Next step – we can offer assistance in finding the right financing solutions. Finally, you can start building your home and saving on energy!

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