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September 29, 2017 Home Building

Kenneth Abraham is one of Gialluisi Custom Homes’ trusted collaborators. He started implementing smart tech solutions in people’s homes 15 years ago. From surveillance cameras to state of the art gadgets, he knows all there is about smart homes.

What can you learn from working 15 years in the smart homes industry?

… you end up knowing everything about how smart tech works.

“There are endless possibilities you can choose from, especially today,” says Kenneth when talking about the solutions people implement in their custom homes.

With an experience of over a decade in electrical work and smart tech, Kenneth learned that anything you can imagine for your house can be done. “From opening your garage door to turning your lights on and presetting the lighting throughout your home, anything can be done from your smartphone or your tablet,” he explains.

“You can control your home’s temperature when you’re at the office of even when you are on vacation,” Kenneth continues.

You can even use smart tech to tie into your pool system, if you have one. “There are so many different variables and options that you can tie into. You don’t have to be home anymore to control things around your house.”

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What should you be looking for in a smart home?

“Think about anything you would want to do and choose the best option,” Kenneth advises.

Some people like to keep things simple while others go for more complex solutions. However, most customers stick to basic smart updates, such as:
Kitchen lights

  • Upstairs hallway lights
  • General lighting to feel safe when no one is home
  • Controlling the lights in your home keeps your hub safe when you are away.

See what works for you and what doesn’t

“You can start by adding a smart lights system in your bedroom. This way you won’t have to get out of bed to turn the lights off. Simple and convenient.”

“If you are new to this, I recommend to start by switching to a smart lighting system. Then, you can get on to tying into your thermostat and your door locks. This way you can control the temperature when you’re away and open the door by using your fingerprints,” says Kenneth.

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Looking for more smart home solutions?

“We also install surveillance cameras,” says Kenneth about the work they do at his company. “If you are away on business and you want to see your wife and kids, all you have to do is open your smartphone and see what’s happening at home.”

Surveillance cameras are great investments if you want to keep your home safe from unwanted guests.

How many security cameras should you install at home?

Kenneth recommends four to six cameras. This way you can watch what happens inside and outside your home anywhere and anytime. You can zoom in and record as well. It’s almost like being at home… when in fact you aren’t.

However, not all people follow his recommendation. “There are people who choose to install 20 surveillance cameras throughout their house,” says Kenneth.

Did you know? Nine out of ten Gialluisi Custom Homes customers install a music system in their home.

Build your smart home with us

Smart home tech comes with a bucket full of advantages, all designed to provide a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Our team is ready to help you implement smart home tech solutions in your new house or existing property.

You will enjoy professional assistance every step of the home building process.

Here are some benefits of building a custom home with us:

  • We can build on your lot (or help you find the perfect one)
  • You will get help in finding the most suitable financing solution
  • Pay less on upfront payments – only 15%
  • You can customize everything about your home, including adding pools or smart home tech solutions

Call 908-206-469 or get in touch with one of the Gialluisi Custom Homes team members here.

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