by Todd Ellner
October 2, 2017 Home Building

Ever wondered what are the best towns to live in? New Jersey is definitely at the top, but which towns are better than others?

We came across this ranking in the New Jersey Monthly magazine and were pleasantly surprised to see our towns among the top 50!


There were 11 things the magazine took into account when creating this classification, namely:

  1. Average property tax in 2016
  2. Average property tax change since 2014
  3. Effective property tax rate in 2016
  4. 3 year average debt per capita
  5. Median home sales price in 2016
  6. Median price change since 2014
  7. Average days on market in 2016
  8. Crime rate
  9. ASK4 % proficient or advanced in 2016
  10. ASK8 % proficient or advanced in 2016
  11. NJM Top High Schools rank in 2016

Top Town in New Jersey: Chatham

After a careful examination, New Jersey Monthly picked Chatham Township as the second best town in New Jersey, while Chatham Borough is ranked number 10. That is great news, as this year we’ve started to create a solid presence in Chatham!

Here are our current properties in Chatham:

Top town in New Jersey – New Providence

New Providence, ranked number 8 in the list of top towns in New Jersey is another one of the towns in which we are starting to develop a presence.

Currently, we are building a custom home for one of our clients there. It is 320 Mountain Avenue – check it out here.

Other top towns in New Jersey

…and these are all in the top 50!

To see the entire list, head over to NJ Monthly and download the full list.

Want to build a home in one of the top towns in New Jersey?

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