by Todd Ellner
October 16, 2017 Home Building

Prior to starting the building process for new homes, there are several steps that need to be completed.

Robert Scherer, our logistics coordinator (or, as we like to call him, our “go-to-guy” for utilities) talks about demolition permits and what your should consider when buying a new property.

Making way for new homes

Building a home takes a lot of effort and hard work. It also takes a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out in order to get the demolition and building permits.

Robert takes us through the steps that need to be taken care of after acquiring a new property. Here’s how he does it:

  1. Start by disconnecting all the utilities
  2. Fill out the application for demolition
  3. Get all the plans from the architect
  4. Start filling out the applications for new construction

When it comes to new construction, each town has its own rules

Filling out forms and applications is always fun, especially when you are building new homes in seven different towns.

“Every town is different. There are no consistent rules and there is always a new catch,” says Robert.

In other words, there is paperwork you need in one town, even though you don’t need it in other towns in New Jersey. “However, I think there are some aspects that should be consistent through the state,” Robert explains.


What should homeowners consider when buying a property?

When choosing the location…

“First of all, as a father, I believe that people should be looking for a good school system and a great community for their family. They should also be looking for convenience, especially if they’re commuting for work.”

Tip: Westfield High School was ranked No. 8 on the list of 100 public High Schools in the State.

When designing your home with an architect…

When you work with Gialluisi Custom Homes, everything is easy. “We have a down path for people,” says Robert.

“We’ve built houses for people that have come in and done nothing. They simply loved our work,” he continues. “One time we built a home for a family and all they did was to pick the lighting fixtures because they loved their home exactly how we built it,” he remembers.

Discover what makes Westfield, NJ one of the greatest towns to live in.

Changing the permits during the building process

What happens if customers decide they want to make changes to the house plans during the construction process?

The good news is that there is no need to change the building permits.

“If homeowners decide they want to make some changes, we usually update the plans. But any changes should be done before we start the construction, or at least before too much is done,” Robert explains.

“We can always adjust a wall here or there and make some changes. Depending on how minor those changes are, the township may or may not need to know.” he continues. “In case we make major changes that the township needs to know about, we just submit the new plans to them. It’s quite simple.”


“New houses are great”

Building high quality new homes is what Gialluisi Custom Homes stands for.

“I love our prefabricated foundations and how they come pre-slabbed. They’re insulated and we can just screw our sheetrock to the foundation in no time.”

People say old houses are better but Robert couldn’t disagree more.

“New houses are great. Our insulation is better, our windows are better and our wiring is better. We plan every home so beautifully and we use only high-quality materials.”

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