by Todd Ellner
October 27, 2017 Interior Design

Having trouble finding the perfect Halloween decorations for your home?

Getting creative on Halloween is so much fun! With so many great ideas to choose from, all you need to do is implement them for an amazing holiday experience.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of fun decorations you can try this Halloween. Let’s get spooky!

Halloween Decorations: Six Fun Ideas You Should Try

1. Decorate your fireplace mantel

Pumpkins, witch hats, mummies, spiders – bring them all together and create a spooky scenery on the focal point of you living room. The fireplace mantel is perfect for decorations.

2. Dress up our staircase

If you want to keep your Halloween decorations stylish, this is the perfect example to you get you inspired. We absolutely love the color scheme of this decor.

3. Decorate your front porch

If you don’t want to completely terrify your neighbors with crazy decorations, you can try something a little more… fancy. Like a skeleton waiting on your front porch, surrounded by beautiful flowers…

4. Welcome to the haunted house!

Witches, pumpkins and rats welcome everyone who dares to enter. This is a classic example and it’s definitely worth it’s place ol the best Halloween decorations list.

Tip: Squeaking floors are only fun for Halloween. Here’s how to choose high-quality floors for every room in your house.

5. Save a wall for decorations

If you don’t like to go big with Halloween decorations, there are a few simple ideas you can try.

Take this one for example: clean and neat yet a little scary.

Useful tip: Learn how to use neutrals in six different rooms in your home.

6. A scary entrance

Can you think of something better than a skeleton having dinner at your doorstep?

Another lovely example of a creepy yet fancy Halloween decorated home.

Ready to go trick or treating?

Now that you’ve seen these Halloween decorations, do you feel inspired?

Roll up you your sleeves, gather your loved ones and get in the spooky mood.

Halloween decorations look great on a beautiful home

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