by Todd Ellner
October 30, 2017 Home Building

In today’s interview, real estate agent Jane Schelling gives us her feedback on two new homes located in Chatham: 7 Oak Hill and 72 Meyersville Rd.


Jane is a highly valued real estate agent in Chatham and we are more than happy to have her representing our proprietes there together with Carrie Conte.

Reviewing two new homes for sale in Chatham:

New homes in Chatham: 7 Oak Hill Road


7 Oak Hill is a 5,200 sq ft home with a 2,000 sq ft finished basement, featuring 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

“We received excellent feedback on this house ever since we put in out there on the market,” says Jane. “People walked in and they absolutely loved the open concept. They were also impressed by the moulding and the quality of the work,” she continues.

The first thing they noticed was that the value of the house was reflected in the quality of the work. Plus, 7 Oak Hill enjoys a really great location in one of the most beautiful towns of New Jersey – and this adds up to the value.

Chatham High School was named number one by the New Jersey magazine for two consecutive years. This is another reason why the market stays as high as it is right now.”

“More and more people are moving to Chatham because they love the school system and the new homes. They look at the Gialluisi Custom Homes’ new homes and they want one just the same,” Jane states.

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New Homes in Chatham: 72 Meyersville Road


72 Meyersville Rd is a 4,100 sq ft beauty that features:

  • 5 bedrooms,
  • 5.5 bathrooms,
  • 1,300 sq ft finished basement.

“It is listed at $1,399,00, which is an entry level price point for Chatham. I think this home is going to be sold rather quickly, as it ticks all the boxes: it’s beautiful, luxurious and has a great price,” Jane explains.

When we first listed this house, it was still in early construction phase. However, there were many people who wanted to see it and expressed their interest about purchasing the property.

“Again, the fact that the house is located in Chatham makes the investment worth it. People are really impressed about all the details that this house features and they love the high quality of the materials,” adds Jane.

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Gialluisi Custom Homes in Chatham

Gialluisi Custom Homes has taken over the Chatham real estate market over the last two years. We are also getting ready to build new homes in Summit and Short Hills.

Getting feedback from people is really important for us, as it helps us keep track of the things that need to be improved in our company. Here’s what Jane says:

“The best thing that is happening right now is that you are one of the premier builders there. Gialluisi Custom Homes is recognized because of the time, effort and the construction quality.”

Some of our upcoming new homes in Chatham include:

  • 2 Browning Rd, Short Hills
  • 42 Colt Rd, Summit
  • 74 Fairview, Chatham

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